Thursday, November 10, 2011

FBI Did Not Notify Pechanga Tribe of Child Porn Investigation; Should Pechanga have informed ALL Reservation residents?

In the wake of the Penn State child rape scandal, which has engulfed top levels of that schools administration, we've come to understand that NOT INFORMING the populace of an investigation may be commonplace.

Sources tell us the the FBI DID NOT notify the Pechanga Tribal Rangers of the search of former Pechanga Tribal Ranger Hector Zamora's home and computer. They didn't even let them know of an investigation.

Does that not make the FBI culpable if there comes to light any issues of child molestation, or possibly photos of tribal children appearing or child porn websites in the future?

As we discussed earlier, does that not put the children at risk, by allowing a suspected child porn advocate to patrol at the Pechanga school?

Now, though, after this case has become public, and Zamora arrested for having pictures of children, NOW, isn't it the duty of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Tribal Council to inform the reservation residents of what has happened? Shouldn't their be an investigation into the Rangers patrol patterns of Zamora? Has he made calls to homes where children were alone?

We have taken Joe Paterno to task at Penn State for not telling what he knew to police, rightfully so. Don't the FBI and The Pechanga Council owe the same to reservation families?  To this date, the families of the rez haven't been contacted by tribal authorities.   Guess when you don't live on the rez, you don't care what goes on there, as long as the casino makes money?


smokeybear said...

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'aamokat said...

SmokeyBear, with all my heart, I say, "Welcome Home Cousin!"

Anonymous said...

While I thank you for your sevice, what does this have to do with Pechanga not informing the people of the reservation about a potential child molester?

Anonymous said...

why would you bother to tell pechanga anything like that---they have elders they drag around to the general public and they are jail bird sex offenders so why would anyone tell pechanga anything. one guy was in jail and the pechanga people needed an elder ha ha to tell them who was tribal and who wasn't. disgusting tribe.