Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Opposes Casino Near Joshua Tree.

The smartest senator from California has sent a letter to the secretary of the interior expressing her opposition to a proposed casino in Joshua Tree. Dianne Feinstein has a history of opposing casinos

Dianne Feinstein's Nov. 10 letter to Ken Salazar states in part, "Placing a casino less than a mile from the (Joshua Tree National) park's visitor center and park wilderness will forever change the nature of the desert treasure."

Feinstein told Salazar that Mark Butler, park superintendent, shares her opposition to the proposed casino and has expressed concern that it would jeopardize the park's long-standing legacy as a crown jewel of the national park system.

According to Feinstein, Butler has informed her staff that such a proposal, "Would impair the Park Service's ability to preserve natural resources, cause significant noise and light pollution, obstruct scenic viewsheds and adversely impact the desert tortoise population within the park."

Feinstein told Salazar hundreds of Joshua Tree community members have contacted her and her staff to express, "A wide array of concerns about the impacts on regional tourism, crime, poverty, alcoholism and gambling addiction."


White Buffalo said...

I used to send e-mails to big D., but she has blocked or spammed my e-mail deliveries. As for fax’s I think she has to accept them. I think I am going to start writing to her as well as the fax’s. I once lived in Yucca Valley, a short way, for Joshua-Tree. Let me tell you there is nothing out there but tumble bushes and sand. Another casino is not going to hurt. Now if she said that she opposed the casino because they are a detriment to the culture of Indian Nations and that they cause some tribes to lose their identity through the exclusion of their people then maybe I would support her actions. It is common knowledge that she has support from some of our wealthier tribes like Pechanga so who is one to believe

Phil Cuevas said...

Get a new e-mail address and start over