Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pechanga's Masiel-Basquez Crime Family is Four Generations Long

I've had requests to move this up and, since we are on vacation this week, here it is for you.  Please take a look at our links and the fill in the story.

Update from Pechanga protest: Leiva family members, better known as the Masiel Basquez crime family were harassing protesters at Pechanga resort and Casino. Felon Raymond Basquez Jr. One of the more stupid members of the family was one and Yolie "they are just herbs" McCarter was another. They had no effect, as we know, bullies are just cowards at heart.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has a crime family that spans GENERATIONS.

It's well known that the young, thuggish generation of the Masiel-Basquez crime family are violent offenders, which we reported on HERE and HERE the next older generation of criminals HERE and HERE and HERE and NOW WE KNOW where they get it from:

Francisca Leivas Basquez
As shown below there are two pieces of evidence that show the Matriach of the Basquez family, Francisca Leyva (Leivas) tried to defraud the government and gain of three per capita checks when only one was legal. Fraud, such as her family then perpetrated on the Pechanga Band.

Sins of the mother, passed on to her progeny.

How can the Pechanga Members continue to support them? How much theft has to happen?



Anonymous said...

Is this not a federal crime of fraud? The B.I.A needs to look in to this and compare the riversides documents with the Washington documents. If this is true then they need to remove their status as Native Americans. Then there’s Pechanga always saying that there disenrollment is about doing what is right for the tribes benefit. Why hasn’t the Leyva line been disenrolled or is the real reason to line the council and enrollment committee pockets with money.

smokeybear said...

This is "Criminal" at best. "Embezzlement," anyone? On a lighter note. Guess what? Governor Brown's office called me today, and left a voicemail. They want to set up a "Phone Interview" with me on the "Tribal Indian Advocate" position! Go figure? Did anyone else file for this position, and get a similar call? Whatever. Those of you that have my e-mail, I would appreciate a little insight into what I need to "Present" at this "Interview?" I didn't figure it would get this far, considering the little "Blast Furnace" statements on what was "Really" happening throughout Indian Country. And I didn't "Pull My Punches!" Of course, this might still be an exercise in "fruitility," for they probably have to interview all that applied. Chances are still "Slim to None," but what the "Hay," I'll give it a try. So, I guess,again, I'm asking for insight. It really is'nt a secret, so feel free to post on O.P. some of the things that you guys think will make a good "Interview?" I really thought that my antaganistic, blatant, but true, remarks would get me "Disqualified," but I figured that someone had to read it, and I wanted to make it known what was really going on in Indian Country. Supposedly behind their very "Backs!" Wouldn't it be "A Kick" if they really want someone(Not a Politician), impartial to the "True Nature" of "Beast" and to what is "Broken" in Indian Country?..."FOR STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED!" So, I guess, I'm saying: With your help, I will give it my best shot. "What Say You, All?"

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to this conniving winch's crimes? With actual criminal evidence right there in plan english or plain tribal documents.
This winch was clearly knowingly knew she was falsifying her first-middle-last names in different sequences.

There are document & records that are done the same way in several tribes.
Different membership numbers, different people's names attached that aren't even tribal people or tribal indians?

Many documents that are forged with fake indian people...these include fake birth certificates,death records, census, allottment's areas, adoption records...etc!

Go to the fake indian museum/galley,that have prompt up on the rezes, you'll find many records or documents, back in the day-not reporting the true findings.
This is what history these fake galleries are posing for the unsuspecting non-indian or non-members to relish in.

Alot of tribal people are finding these documents and records and saving them for the unexpected day of redemption, making sure to document the findings for history to see what is or what was happening during this time period or that period of time.

smokeybear said...

It's all the same: Don't do it anymore! We'll just take the other names off the list. "You got caught?" Nothing more said, or done? "What the hell is that all about? No charges of "Fraud?" Nothing about "Embezzlement?" Same thing with "John Macarro" and his "Little Credit Card" fiasco? You know: Where he went and used the "Pechanga Credit Card" for his own "Lavious Spending Spree," and got caught. Nothing happened to him, either? "Fraud? Embezzlement?" Where is the "Justice?" There isn't any, for they think they are "Above the Law." But your "Not!" For you see: These are "Federal Crimes," and the "Corrupt" alway get caught. Watch for it: "The Hammer will Fall!" It's coming.......

Anonymous said...

Where is the tribal hack on this issue? Are these documents like a cross to a vampire?

Anonymous said...

If Raymond is such a true Pechanga Indian why did he marry an ex dealer from Pechanga who is white as can be...why did he want you guys kicked out besides more money or himself?

Anonymous said...

You Tribal members should really think hard about ways on increasing your monthly percap. I have an idea, disenroll this entire family (Leyva)from Pechanga. You have all the evidence you need to present it before the enrollment committee and the to the Tribe. It will be quick and easy because what evidence do they have? ZERO

Anonymous said...

Hello, Hello!! Hey Leyva Family, are you not going to respond? And were is that fat little monkey John Macarro, is he not going respond with his so called superior intellect of Legal and Tribal laws. “Our Laws allow us to pick and choose on who we want here” When they state that, He is talking about the “Macarro & the Leyva’s Law”. Pretty soon we will have the teaching in Indian Law the “Macarro Act” and the “Leyva Act” for the Violation of the Indian Civil Right’s Act and Forgery of Indian Documentation’s.
The Leyva Line is just a matter of time. They are Disenrolled people walking around in a false sense of security. The thought of the pecap going up when they remove your line is in the minds & hearts of the people. It is crouching at the entrance like a vicious animal.

'aamokat said...

It that our relative 'Tic Toc' talking?

Tic Toc always gets it right.

It is just a matter of time, right Tic Toc?

Anonymous said...

Lol, Yep it is me “Tic Toc” and time is on our side along with the truth.
Keep up with the hard fight!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the significance of this Leyva document? It is over 55 years old, by my math that makes it about 48 years past the statute of limitations as a prosecutable crime- if it were a crime at all in the first place.

ANyways, maybe one of the semi-literates in here can explain how it is a crime for a woman to change her name in the enrollement to their married name, then back again to their maiden name later, but the BIA never did the administrative work to remove the first two changes? Ummm, 55 years ago.

By the way, I am reasonably sure that not only does the BIA have no voice, zero influence, on who is and is not enrolled in a Tribe (as you very well know) but the BIA also has no say what so ever on per-cap.

This posting that is based on an ancient document that may or may not have been fraud gets no traction. If it did, there would have been movement.

Anonymous said...

The only thing these documents prove is that Francisa Leivas Basquez was indeed a Pechanga Indian living on the reservation in 1955. She may have been a little confused about her name but each name she used was in fact her name.

Anonymous said...

Here we are years later since this was posted and comments made.

TIC TOC... TIC TO... TI...

Time moves on but that TIC TOC clock don't tell time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How dare you bring my ancestors who are resting into your nonsense blog! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! This is what our Native communities have come to? The creator will have his hand at those who do wrong and act in such ways as mentioned, but have some respect. You people are playing a game that is very kniving and actually disgusting to watch play out on the internet. Take a look at your intentions and check your motives but I think it's clear to everyone what your motives are... After reading all your stuff about my family I can see you feel threatened, I mean why else would you spend so much of your time trying to get some payback?? Or whatever this is! What a joke!