Friday, November 11, 2011

United Auburn Tribe Split Over Payment to Sacto Kings and Attorney Howard Dickstein

A political rift within the tribe operating the Thunder Valley Casino Resort is fueling acrimony over a $1 million sponsorship pledge for the Sacramento Kings and triggering a recall drive against tribal council members.

The turmoil within the United Auburn Indian Community, whose Placer County casino is one of the nation's richest tribal resorts, is centered on internal issues that include disputes over distribution of casino income and payments to a tribal attorney.

But an apparent lightning rod in the recall effort – announced Monday against all five members of the United Auburn tribal council – is the tribe's decision to pledge $1 million to support a community drive to keep the Kings in town.

A tribal faction, including former council chairwoman Jessica Tavares, complained in a news release that the tribal council made the pledge "without first notifying or obtaining approval from the tribe."

The group took issue with the tribal council pledging to support the pro basketball team while apparently denying financial support for a tribal school and drug rehabilitation services for tribal members.

The faction also blasted leaders for authorizing generous payments to a tribal attorney, Howard Dickstein, who couldn't be reached for comment. Howard Dickstein, an attorney representing the Pala, Rumsey and Auburn tribes, also represents a Rusmey-led management group that hopes to run the Casino San Pablo card room for the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians.

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Anonymous said...

Howard Dickstein still represents the Rumsey tribe even after their attempt to sue him in 2007?

Speaker of truth said...

It seems where ever Howard Dickstein goes trouble soon follows!

Anonymous said...

Dickstein, Levine, Cohen, Goldberg and their "associates" are all components of the same juggernaut that swept through Indian Country as cogs of corruption. These thieving cogs infiltrated Indian Country through 'Indian Law.'

p.s. new enterprise for Macarro and Levine.

speaker of truth said...

I wonder if Dickstein was the one who convinced the Executive committee of Pala to buy shares in three jet airplanes? That's right people I said three Jet airplanes!All done without the knowledge or the approval of the General Council ! I wonder how many personal trips Dickstein and Robert Smith have done over the years ? I bet alot ! And there's talk over lowering the amount of monthly checks to tribal members! No wonder some of the executive committee wants to disenroll !

White Buffalo said...

It is my thought that they learned that from Corny Mexicaro, your neighbor form Pechanga

'aamokat said...

Any ever notice that these tribal leaders when they make comments about their paper genocides all sound just like Corny Macarro talking?

Anonymous said...

They are NOT leaders...they are puppets mouthing what their puppet masters train them to say.

speaker of truth said...

Interesting story in the Roseville Press-tribune,go to their home page and put Thunder Valley Casino in their search engine. Read the story & comments.Dickstein & Elmets in action,raping all Native tribes they come in contact with!

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a good investigative journalist who can connect the pieces to all the different tribes affiliated with Howard Dickstein, Doug Elmets, Arlen Opper, The Maloofs, Jerome Turk, California Tribal Business Alliance, Mark Friedman, Maloof Gaming Lascal, Lascal Land Development, various tribal chairment/executive committees, etc., etc. and all the trouble that eventually comes to those tribes. There is a pattern and a real story here, if anyone cares to see and it is no coincidence that the events occurring at Thunder Valley are mirroring the current events at Pala (Casino), another Dickstein controlled tribe. Google "Rumsey vs. Dickstein", read the lawsuit and you will see the pattern at another Dickstein controlled tribe. The powerhouse located in Sacramento is in full force. When you have 4 or 5 tribes that you can use as pawns to hide your activities and you have unlimited resources (casinos) to pay off high ranking officials to look the other way (BIA, FBI, etc), you can be very successful. These people need to be thoroughly investigated as more and more news of tribal discord comes to light.

'aamokat said...

I remember seeing a agenda for a conference put on by the legal think tank DCI America where the topic was how to get around a tribe's general membership regarding disenrolling people just before our family, the Hunters from Pechanga, were disenrolled despite the fact disenrollment was outlawed by the people the previous year.

I wish I had saved and printed it out.

There does appear to be a pattern of these various tribes following a template regarding their actions against their own people.

Isn't it about time for our nemesis Anotherview to show up and say that the facts were not on the side of the disenrollees, that we got a simple due process, and that we should get on with our lives as everyday Americans?

None of what he says is true but I would be mildly surprised if he doesn't give us a sample of his dribble here again.

smokeybear said...

Non Gaming Tribes" still hold their "Heritage and Birthright" first and foremost. "Ancestory" is everything. As it should be. For their children and their children's children to learn "The Indian way!" This is all being lost with the "Casino Indian" and the quest for "Greed and Political Power!"