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Tosobal Family,Pechanga's Moratorium People: From Pechanga, Not OF Pechanga

Pechanga's Moratorium People: From Pechanga, But Not OF Pechanga

The Rios/Tosobal Family has ties to the Pechanga tribe, from his mother back to his great-great-great-grandmother, born in 1811. (That’s when Abe Lincoln was 2 years old!)

So, when his mother died in 1978 and left him a piece of reservation land, Manuel Rios Jr. began trying to make arrangements to bring water and electricity to the plot so he could set up a home there. 30 years later, he has yet to get tribal approval to do anything with the land.

Tribal officials had told him he and his family are not on the rolls, he said, and they won’t get considered for membership until a moratorium on new enrollments is lifted now extended past 2010. His family members, who number more than 100, have stacks of documents that they say they submitted to the enrollment committee 15 years ago. 

The Tosobol descendents belonged in the tribe.   Two enrollment committee members were concerned that the right thing be done and brought this family's paperwork forward.  This led to the families of those two members being terminated from the tribe.  Over 300 men, women and children, losing an estimated $300 MILLION in per capita, which the remaining members divvied up amongst themselves.   Imagine that, denied your heritage for honoring the ancestors of the tribe.

In 2003, new members of the Enrollment Committee, including family members from the Hunter and Manuela Miranda famlies, who had been elected to the committee in 2002 sent a letter to the tribal council informing them of corruption on the Enrollment Committee.

The letter detailed how members of the Enrollment Committee had acted to deny enrollment to lineal descendants of enrolled members. These members would require DNA tests, delay meetings, and misinform parties before the Enrollment Committee.

So the Enrollment Committee prior to 2002 dominated by people from the CPP faction very well could have sat on applications of people who ended up in the moratorium and these and other irreularities were pointed out to the tribal council by people who ended up being disenrolled.

And the fact that those Enrollment Committee members who had been accused of not doing their duty by members of disenollee families were then allowed to vote on the fate of those families is a violation of Pechanga's own constitution that says under Article V, "It shall be the duty of all elected officers of the Band to uphold and enforce the Constitution, Bylaws, and ordinances of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians; and also, TO UPHOLD AND ENFORCE THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF EACH MEMBER WITHOUT MALICE OR PREJUDICE."

Any reasonable person can clearly see that those Enrollment Committee members who had been accused of wrong doing by family members of the families who ended up being disenrolled should have been made to step aside from ruling on the disenrollees cases
As  nonmembers, the Rios family has no recourse against the sovereign nation.  He can’t sue the tribe in an outside or tribal court, and he can’t vote on the moratorium or cast a ballot against the elected tribal leaders.

The reservation has changed dramatically since Rios’ mother was a girl there, thanks to the opening of a $262 million resort and casino and other businesses. Now that tribal members collect a reported $30,000 in gaming profits a month, disputes over membership are commonplace.

Rios and others insist they once were members, and they allege that someone removed their names in order to ensure larger shares of gaming profits for the other members.
Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro has said tribes work hard to make sure that there’s due process in enrollment matters, yet, in reality, there is no due process.
He also contends that many recent applicants had no interest in the tribe until it was rich. ‘‘Where were these people before there was a casino?’’ Macarro asked.
Rios’ 53-year-old son, Manuel Rios Jr. of Riverside, said he’s glad his grandmother left the reservation, and her descendants avoided being mired in reservation poverty because of it. ‘‘I was out getting an education so I wouldn’t have to suck the money from the state of California to support me,’’ he said in an interview in Fontana. ‘‘We were paying for their (tribal member’s) welfare.’’

The Rios family members contend that the Pechanga tribal leadership is using sovereignty to improperly deny them membership and is acting like a dictatorship. In fact, Pechanga’s own constitution provides for OPEN ENROLLMENT every January. In the most recent disenrollment of the Hunter family, which occurred in 2006, the tribe stated that the membership, which voted to stop ALL disenrollments, had no authority to do so. That would mean, they have the power to keep people from getting IN, but no the authority to keep people from getting thrown OUT. That makes no sense at all.


Anonymous said...

Good of you to discuss the Tosobols even if fighting for them cost Apish and Hunters over $1.5 Million each. I hold they can appreciate what it cot ell if us

'aamokat said...

The Band's constitution and bylaws states under Article VIII:

"The simple majority of members present shall rule and decide in all matters of government and business of the Band, unless stipulated otherwise in these Bylaws."

The Band's constitution and bylaws does stipulate in Article II that open enrollment is the first month of each year as shown here, "The membership enrollment will be opened the first month of each year by the Band's Enrollment Committee."

The moratorium on new adults members violates the Band's constitution and bylaws so come on Pechanga, do the right thing and enroll the Tosobols and follow your own constitution and bylaws.

Anonymous said...

You cost yourself 1.5 for being a fucking pussy coward quit crying on this blog and move on with your life.

smokeybear said...

That "Crying" will be "You" when one of us finds out who you are and "BITCH SLAPS YOU!" There isn't one "Coward" in the "Hunter Clan" or any of the other "Clans" that you try to "Be little!" It shows the "Mentality" of a "Junk Yard Dog," that is one who has to "Grawl-val for your very existance in the "Shadow of Mark and his Henchmen." Maybe they call you "Bubba," for that, in itself, could prove "Very Interesting!" No matter: For your stupid remarks are chocked up to "Common Dribble" from an "Un-cooth Sorry A.., with, "Obviously No Redeaming Qualities!" Way to go "Numb-Nuts!"

smokeybear said...

Well enough of that. I'm still asking for "Input" on what I should say in regards to the "Tribal Affairs Advocate" position? I have a "Phone Interview" with some pretty hefty people on "Nov. 15th." If you guys can help with a liitle "Insight" I woud appreciate it. If not I'll have to just "Wing It!" So feel free, "Stranger Things Have Happened!" No chance to, maybe, just maybe, possible chance to.........?

Anonymous said...

At least you got something out of it ! the tosobals got shit! greedy bitch!

Anonymous said...

I guess its true, you hunters and apish are in it for the money, hope you guys never get back in never ever support you assholes again!

'aamokat said...

"guess its true, you hunters and apish are in it for the money, hope you guys never get back in never ever support you assholes again!"

Not sure where all this hate is coming from especially when this is a Hunter run blog that is giving people like the Tosobols publicity for their cause and the first thing I, a Hunter family member, posted on this thread was in support of the tosobols getting in the tribe, about how the moratorium violates the tribe's constitution and bylaws.

And for your information I know for a fact that my cousin SmokeyBear was never enrolled so he, like the Tosobols, was stuck in the moratorium and he is fighting for them to get in even though if they get in, he still wouldn't be in himself so he is supporting them because it is the right thing to do.

Some people may not be aware, some Hunters have never been enrolled and some of them have been fighting for everyone's rights even when people they want to help are sh*tting all over them.

Anonymous of November 3, 2011 9:30 PM from your attitude it is obvious you never supported us in the first place so, see ya, you know where the door is so don't let it hit you on the way out!

Of course I wouldn't be a bit surprised that this hatred is being stirred up by a tribal member who is bent on dividing those of us who have been wronged by the tribe.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the first comment jackass!, oops I meant hunter, and so what if this a hunter blog! dont want a negative comment, then close it to everyone but hunters!

aamokat said...

How do you know anyone from either of those two families even made that first comment?

So you condemn us without even knowing any of of us even said it?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty if examples where Tosabol, Hunters and Apish worked together. I read the blog and it's not just about Pechanga. I read about other tribes too. Thanks for keeping the issues about corrupt tribal councils alive. One day it will have an effect

'aamokat said...

"There are plenty if examples where Tosabol, Hunters and Apish worked together. I read the blog and it's not just about Pechanga. I read about other tribes too. Thanks for keeping the issues about corrupt tribal councils alive. One day it will have an effect"

Thank you, I for one am not going to respond to hateful, hurtful, and judgmental comments from this point on.

We will continue to work with all of our brothers and sisters who have been wronged by our tribe.

So let's get back to this particular issue at hand. Pechanga tribal members, if you are reading this, obey your own constitution and bylaws and let the tosobols into the tribe.

Anotherview, if you read this especially, you have commented about our disenrollment but you never say anything about the moratorium.

You know, if you truly know the facts, that there are people like the Tosobols who got their enrollment applications in before the deadline for the moratorium who still got stuck in the moratorium anyway.

You also should know, again if you know the facts, that the moratorium law is in violation of the Band's constitution and bylaws.

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
I guess its true, you hunters and apish are in it for the money, hope you guys never get back in never ever support you assholes again!

The amount of "Money," that has been lost, is for the "Express Purpose" of showing to what extent the "Casino Indians" have gone too, to increase their "Greedy Pocketbooks!" You try to say that we are in it for the "Money?" Look whose calling the "Kettle Black?" But, Realistically, the Casino be "Damned!" The Government could come in and "Shut It Down," for all we care. Our "Heritage and Birthright" is "First and Foremost" with us. "Sorry A.., you have to be in it for the "Money," so, again, your posts are "Dribble!"

Anonymous said...

I'm with Smokey, shut the casino down. We were members when all there was there was sand.

The first Hunter cabin was built before John F. Kennedy was President and when the Baswuez crime family was only two generations....

smokeybear said...

Oh, by the way, where is that "Pathetic Creature," Anotherview? I kind of miss his "Inacurrate Dribble!" He "Misinforms, we Inform," He tries to "Misdirect, we Direct," and his "Lies" can easily be "Explained Away," because we speak the "Truth!" He uses the term "NON-INDIAN" when, in fact, we "Can prove" who we are: True Members of our Tribe." Just because the "Casino Indians" say we are not? That doesn't even make sense. We were all members till the advent of the "Casino."

'aamokat said...

Smokeybear, the casino Indians all don't say we aren't who we are, true tribal members, as a lot of them know who we are.

The problem is, even with people who went to bat for us in the past, they are not willing to go any further and frankly others who also know it was wrong, and who were not the ones who directly had a hand in what happened to us, don't care.

So it isn't just the people who committed the sin of slander against our family it is also the people who sit by and do nothing that are to blame.

But there are also people who reportedly did, for example, go to the BIA to insist that the tribal law outlawing disenrollment be followed and that our disenrollment not be allowed to stand were reportedly called into Macarro's office and told if they continued in their efforts their families would be next so there are also people who are afraid to try anything against what happend to us.

But, really, the majority of tribal members just don't care.

'aamokat said...

Add on to my last post, there are also tribal members, especially the younger ones, who don't really know what happened to us as it was all done behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This site is evil, your not keeping the DEMON'S AT BAY, you get people or families in here to fight with each other (evil site)time and time again we all see it.

You get your kicks watching people fight on this site. The evil has taken over this site.

Anonymous said...

Describe your opinion of evil. Or rather your description.

Anonymous said...

SPIN master,

YOU must look at yourself in the mirror and say (what have I become)

YOU must say I know their shame is ten times worse (I NEED NOT TELL ANYONE)


THE bible states this not me.

Is my voice to meek to be heard?

smokeybear said...

'aamokat said...
Smokeybear, the casino Indians all don't say we aren't who we are, true tribal members, as a lot of them know who we are.

They may know it, but afraid of the "Big Bad Wolf?" When is his term up? Need to put pressure on the membership.

stand your ground said...

Anonymus Nov.6, 8:30 am
we don't do evil on this blog, however, we are giving everyone a play by play in describing the evil and corrupt behavieur of certain Tribal Leaders and their willing cohorts TO DO EVIL. think you can understand that or are you just swinging the bible around for the hell of it?
Please understand THAT THE FAMILIES ARE NOT FIGHTING EACH OTHER. We support each other.

None of the disenrolled families are fighting each other

'aamokat said...

I am a Christian so I have read the Bible quite a bit and the quote the person gave that supposedly was from the Bible, I would like him or her to quote the exact verses he or she is using, as I am pretty sure it is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

The Tosobol family got a raw deal. They belong in the tribe and Apis/Hunters tried to get them in.

It was Frances Miranda that screwed the Tosobols.

Anonymous said...

What happen?

Anonymous said...

A Moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law LEGAL context, it may refer to the temporary suspension of a law to allow a LEGAL challenge to be carried out. A delay of LEGAL obligations or payment. A LEGAL official can order A delay of payment due to extenuating circumstances, which render on party incapable of paying another.
What is LEGAL about this moratorium?

Anonymous said...

This message is for those who know who I am.
The person who posts aS STAND YOUR GROUND IS A PHONY...that was my moniker forever untill my e-mail was hacked a few month ago. It is no longer the original "stand your ground' AND THEREFORE not MY OPINION.
O.P.can u look into this?

Anonymous said...

Sylvia and Raymond Basquez like to be on computers! He also is at the government center, up to no good! Looking into see if Natives didn't get a state refund on thier goods that were bought. Iam going to nip at his heels all the way to death row.

Anonymous said...

Hello Blogger. Do you think you will ever be enrolled again ? Do you think the ones on the moratorium will ever be enrolled? Do you think the BIA will ever step up and do their job? Do you think that the government will every do anything about this and see our needs and do something to help us? Do you?