Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Oklahoma Cherokee Nation to Support CA Rep. Dianne Watson's Opponent after her support of the Cherokee Freedmen's Civil Rights

Apparently, Representative Dianne Watson's support for the Cherokee Freedmen has drawn the wrath of the Cherokee Nation. Led by Chad Smith, who once said that the Cherokee's slaves were treated well, they will spend thousands of dollars to support Rep. Watson's opponent.

The Cherokee Nation is supporting the primary opponent of a California congresswoman who has been at odds with the tribe over its stance on the descendants of freedmen.
The tribe’s Executive Finance Subcommittee voted Tuesday night to send a $2,400 campaign donation to Democrat Felton Newell and a $5,000 donation to a political action committee called New Leadership PAC for Newell. Newell is challenging Rep. Dianne Watson in the Democratic primary for California’s 33rd Congressional District, set for June 8.

During the meeting, the subcommittee also voted to send campaign contributions to other politicians and political action committees.

Watson has been the tribe’s most vocal critic after tribal voters approved a measure in 2007 that limited tribal membership to those who had ancestors with a blood quantum on the Dawes Rolls.

At least two court cases on the issue, one brought by a freedmen descendant and the other brought by the Cherokee Nation against freedmen descendants who had their membership approved after a court decision, are still pending.

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