Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Pauma Casino Jackpot Winner: Keeps Jackpot, Stays Banned

We told you here story HERE and the latest is:

A San Marcos woman has been allowed to claim a $2,000 jackpot she won at Casino Pauma in May, but the tribe's gaming commission has decided to keep in place a lifetime ban against her returning to the casino.

“I don’t care that they banned me from the casino,” Waters said Monday. “I just care that they don’t do this to anyone else.”

Here's hoping she asks her friends to stay away from Casino Pauma too. Can you say:



Anonymous said...

go to pala!!!!

White Buffalo said...

I agree go to Pala, they have a better Buffet

Anonymous said...

I hear a lot about Pala's buffet. Going to have to try it.

Anonymous said...

But the fact still remains what this lady did was not appropriate. She was using her friend's player’s card which records the winnings and losses. For US tax purposes she could be attempting to break the law. Casinos have to do what's in their best interest and if the federal government knew a tribe allowed this activity they could shut down their casino.
For those of you knew didn’t read the whole story, this woman won a small jackpot while using her friends player’s card. The casino held the money and did an investigation, which resulted in this woman not being happy with how she was treated. If this woman wanted to commit tax evasion all she would have to do is not include it on her taxes. In theory her friend would still have to pay the taxes, but maybe that lady doesn’t make enough to file and return, or is in a lower tax bracket or has gambling losses to offset the winnings. The simple solution is this woman should just use her own player’s card, which resolves the problem for both sides.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!!....for that she was handcuffed?...come on...since when do the tribes care about laws?..they break them every day in thoise casinos and nalso when they pretend to live on the reservation and actually live elsewhere to avoid taxes....maybe they should be in handcuffs?

play poker said...

yeah i agree you must go pala its awesome