Friday, August 13, 2010

HOW to WIN at Pechanga Casino: Don't Play

How to WIN at the Pechanga Casino

Get outta here! YOU CAN'T WIN, the machines are designed to take your money. They don't even have to tell you win percentage. And besides if a machine malfunctions, WHO are you going to complain to? The tribe? Heck, even a BEATING victim couldn't win on that one.

Manager's have been fired for cheating THEIR OWN WORKERS, (even though it took MONTHS to fire the son of the former tribal spokesman) you think they care about YOU?

The Pechanga Casino in Temecula features hundreds of table games and over 4,000 slot machines. Do you think they would be able to put all those games and machines in their casino IF there was a good chance you would win money? They are right now keeping $2 Million from the city of Temecula, while the citizens of Temecula play/STAY to the tune of more than $500 Million. Spend that at other locations and the city will get $4-5 Million.

The best thing you can do is take a coupon in for the buffet and start with the expensive items! Lamb, shrimp, crab cakes, steak or sushi (not rolls). Asparagus instead of corn! LEAVE the salads and cheap jello desserts and go for the chocolate. Take a ziploc for snacks and splenda to extend your pleasure! At least you'll take away something.

Avoid the fancy restaurants because a steak is: $38 for a 7 oz filet and a breast of chicken is $32 at the great oak. Shoot, a plate of SPAGHETTI is $13 and that's with NO SALAD at Paisano's.

STAY away from the machines.

REMEMBER, Pechanga has cheated their own people to make their share of the pie much larger. So you know that: IF THEY CHEAT THEIR OWN, THEY'LL CHEAT YOU

Exactly how do you think that each Pechanga member can be paid $360,000 per year? (We heard the per capita was now lower) By you WINNING? Hardly. Take $20 and if you don't hit it big, QUIT. If you win more than 25% STOP PLAYING and go home with your winnings.

Like in the movie War Games, the answer is:
The only way to win is NOT TO PLAY

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Anonymous said...

Does Pechanga post the payouts of their machines? Vegas casinos have to.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with this commentary. Pechanga posts the payouts as you walk into the casino from the hotel lobby. Beyond that, I know for a fact that they pay out in a big way.

I know that there are some that don't want people to gamble at Pechanga because of the garbage they pulled on their own people, but to say that the games are fixed in any way is unfounded. They won't cheat the customers because if they do, then the customers won't come back. They have a tremendous amount of return business for a good reason.

Beyond that, if the disenrolled were not, and were receiving their fair share, this article would be largely ignored anyway. It's only unfair because they are not sharing the wealth as they should, which is so very secondary to them not sharing in their rich tribal culture which was stolen from you.

It's time for a new strategy. The article above unfortunately appears to be just another attempt to thumb your nose at the other side. I wish with all of my heart that things are set right for all of the Pechanga people, but wishing won't do anything. It's time to act!

Anonymous said...

The commentary goes way beyond payouts on slots. It goes to the morals of the Pechanga Tribal council and enrollments. The thought behind this is deep. As the article states, if Pechanga cheats its own people, what make you think they will not cheat you?

People come to Pechanga Resort and casino and do not know these facts. OP put this blog up so people can research for themselves what the ongoings are before they come here.

As they comentary says "the only way to win, is not play."

Spend your money at a Casino with morals. It's not Pechanga, until they do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

On New Years eve The acts are no name
and they advertise get your (share) of $30,000.00 give away, no matter how you ad it up, the casino is not making the money to bring in the headline bands. It is true
A fool and his money are soon parted

Anonymous said...

In late 2010, I started going to Pechanga frequently. About 3 times a week.
From Sept 2010- December 2010 I won $140,000.
But I ended up gambling it all back. I also gambled away $200,000.00 of my own money.
one common phrase I heard from the " people who care about you "! If these people cared about the patron they would maybe say something to yo.
If you don't believe me, I have all my winning tickets. Have too file for taxes in 2011.
Anyways, The Pechanga Family cares about its own!
But as I realized, it was MY CHOICE to gamble but.I just would like it more if the people won more.

Anonymous said...

pechanga is well known for cheating in high limits. i was there when they were caught loading black jack decks with low cards. they were caught red handed and told the member he could bot see the deck. they changed cards and asked him to leave with his roughly 20 k loss

BigSpins said...

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I frequented Pechanga for many, many years. There was a time when the casino paid well. Of course we know the casino was created so they could make money off the customers, but they were not as greedy as they are now. Their keno machines are SO FIXED. Definitely, stay away from their keno machines. They did not used to be. Almost all their keno machines are programmmed to hit only if you bet one coin or two, for very small wins. Frequency of visit and keen observation are the only way to actually realize how they fix things to lessen the chance of people winning against the casino.My husband practically lived in the casino since he was there just about every day. I was not far behind. We could've bought a few homes with the money we spent. It would be foolish to believe the advertised percentage of winning against their machines.