Monday, August 9, 2010

JOHN CORNSILK for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

John Cornsilk, a friend of Original Pechanga's Blog and from years of reading his website and correspondence is now running for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. It's past time that Chad "Our Slaves were well treated" Smith be voted out of office. Here' Johns first flyer. We will continue to promote this change of leadership. Follow us on Twitter: @opechanga
We've previously discussed Chad Smith, an inductee into Original Pechanga's Blog's HALL of SHAME HERE HERE and HERE

John William Cornsilk

For Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

For All your Cherokee Rights The Right Cherokee for the Job.
See my platform as your Chief here
My Pledge to the Cherokee People if I am elected, I will bring honesty
and true transparency to the Government,

Of course a cliche old as politics. But, I believe from my platform as the
planks are added you will see this is a plan that can only produce what the
Cherokee people desire of their elected officials.

So to all Cherokee People, if you want change, then you must work to get out
the vote on June 25, 2011, and I as a candidate for Chief ask for your vote. We together can fix the ails of the CNO.


Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK to an honest man, something the Cherokee have needed for quite a while

Anonymous said...

While I do agree with a few of Johns opinions. I do not think that he is appropriate for such an important position. If you read his writings he is obnoxious, full of hidden agenda, and focuses almost entirely on bashing whoever is currently in office and convincing everyone that the Cherokee Nation doesn't exist. He is just as much of a politician as the crap we voted in already.

Anonymous said...

So, then why would you keep the crap you have now? Chad Smith? Make a change and hold John Cornsilk to them. But you get rid of the cancer that is Smith.

Which opinions do you agree with John? You can't always agree with everything.

And, Smith could be a sweet talker, while slicing your mother's throat...

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree that he is not an adequate fit. The cornsilks website shows the obnoxiousness and the agendas but I don't think they are hidden. I don't want the Cherokee Nation of oklahoma to have its image degraded or its website to look anything like the cornsilks. It resembles something a group of republicans would come up with. Bashing, bashing, and more bashing. We need better than what we have but we don't need more of what we got.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with a few of Johns opinions. Freedmen for one. But I also can find a couple of things I agree with Smith on.

You missed the point. Me saying John is not good enough is not at all the same as saying Smith is. Maybe John would be better than smith but I know our nation, The Cherokee Nation, can do a lot better.

Now that we are asking each other questions,
do YOU think that John is obnoxious?
do you think that his website is pushing nothing but his agenda?
Do you think that most of what he is writing about is **it talking Smith without offering any real usable solutions to the problems we face?

David K D said...

John would try to turn the Cherokee Nation over to or into the United Keetoowah Band. And we can see what a mess they are. Its embarrassing, their elected chief is embarrassing and says things that resembles Bush. They are both named George.

John is public about his opinion that the CNO is somehow illegal. And that the UKB is Legal. Why is he running for an illegal tribe posing as the Cherokee Nation then????

This is crazy, Smith is not the best either but if you elect John you might as well bring back Joe Byrd. And that wasn't an embarrassing episode in our history at all was it???? I don't want to elect someone else to regret. Stacy Leads would make a much better choice.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody believe that now matter HOW you treat slaves, that it would be better than freedom?

R Vaughn said...

From John's website:
"After talking to my son and concluding this is one the same services the CNO is funded for...I ask him if he would consider working for me if I were the Cherokee peoples choice for Chief, after my explaining what I had in mind he said yes."

David is just as bad. He puts politics above the people. I have heard the cornsilks criticize Smith for hiring his family to work for him and the tribe. What hypocrites. We don't need someone like smith.
Stacy Leads for Chief !!!!!!

OPechanga said...

Stacy has already been drafted to run, but she declined.

John W. Cornsilk said...

Well Dang its an old post, some one sent me an email and said some idiot was blasting me over here...So I came to look and just as I suspected a CNOT-sucking fool is babbling stupidly!

O what I said about hiring my son if I am elected was babbled on out of context, if anyone has an interest in truth simply go to click on my platform and you can see exactly what I said...

Yes I will hire David, but with my own money (My Chiefs Salary) not the Cherokee peoples.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please!!!

John W. Cornsilk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John W. Cornsilk said...

Here it is again, the link didn work, maybe this time!

Please!!! what anon? did you not look at the
Platform It is quite plain, needs no discussion, the rest are purposefully short so we can discuss them! Ya wanna? pick one and babble away!!

Anonymous said...

R Vaughn is correct! David is just as bad...if not worse.