Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pechanga Stonewalls Temecula, San Manuel Works With San Bernardino

All tribes are NOT alike. We know that Pechanga cheated its own people, here's a different tribe doing what is right. It seems to be a habit with San Manuel.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will pay the city of San Bernardino about $3 million over the next three years to cover the cost of policing city neighborhoods near the tribe's reservation and casino, officials said Tuesday.
The tribe will pay for six San Bernardino police officers, one sergeant and one part-time detective, as well as for vehicles and equipment, crossing guards and additional police resources for special events.

The new money, which officials said has already been factored into the city budget, will replace money San Bernardino used to get from a state fund - a fund San Manuel is no longer required to contribute to.

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White Buffalo said...

I believe this to be true, for I know someone who was disenrolled from Pechanga who applied for a scholarship at Cal State University San Bernardino. This person received a scholarship for almost $5000. Does Pechanga give money people who are not members on a regular basis. I understand that they give more than one scholarship to the community.

Anonymous said...

White Buffalo, I don't get it.

What does someone getting a scholarship from Pechanga have to do with San Manuel paying the city of San Bernardino for the effects of its casino?

While it would be nice if Pechanga did take care of the disenrolled at least in some way if it is true, this isn't what this article is about.

Anonymous said...

I take it as doing what is right. What happened at Pechanga is indefensible.
If it weren't about money, the tribe wouldn't have increased their per capita after each disenrollment. They wouldn't have initiated a moratorium.

White Buffalo said...

What I am saying is San Manuel gave a scholarship to another Indian who is not from their tribe. They give to the community more so than Pechanga. That is what I said and what I meant and that is precisely what the article is about San Manuel helps San Bernardino by giving scholarships to the people, students, of the community. That is not too hard to understand is it??

White Buffalo said...

To anonymous, I understand where you are coming from I just re-read my first post and it is unclear. Please disregard the last sentience of my last post it was uncalled for Foot in mouth syndrome sorry

Anonymous said...

Finally a tribe using the money as they said they would. To help out their communities.