Tuesday, March 9, 2010

City of Temecula To Discuss Taking Money From Nation That Violates Civil and Human Rights

Yes, that's correct. The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, a sovereign nation who is now offering the city of Temecula, CA the princely sum of $42 million (unless, they get certain funds from the State, then it will be less) over TWO DECADES.

Better to tell the "Pechanga" Tribe NO, Temecula. Would you take money from David Duke, or the KKK, or South Africa during apartheid? No? Then why would you take it from a tribe that violates it's people rights with impugnity?

From the Press Enterprise story:

Temecula would get at least $42 million over the next two decades to cover the impact Pechanga Resort & Casino has on roads and public services, according to a draft agreement between the Pechanga tribe and the city.

Nowhere in the Press Enterprise stories will you find articles that:

Pechanga has violated their members civil and human rights, which will be discussed at the New Mexico hearings on indigenous people in Albuquerque next week.
Pechanga has stolen $200 million in per capita payments from members via unlawful disenrollments
Pechanga has taken health care benefits to the tune of $12 million dollars from members.

We KNOW the city council of Temecula is aware, as we've sent them many letters of information over the past five years.

In that next two decades, rightful members of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians of the Pechanga reservation, will have lost $800 million dollars. You are taking money from our children

City Council, Mr. Mayor DO THE RIGHT THING. Say No to Pechanga.
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