Friday, January 30, 2009

Schwarzenegger Lied and Casinos Died

First, Arnold Schwarzenegger and tribes like Pechanga tried to keep the people from California from voting on expanded gaming.
Then Arnold LIED about Sycuan's gambling deal, which hadn't even been approved by their general council.
Then tribes like Pechanga lied about how much would be generated by the expanded gaming compacts.
Then, ARNOLD lied AGAIN about how good this would be for us.

And he's better than Gray Davis...why?

Here's a Fresno Bee Editorial

The much-heralded deals that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger negotiated with gambling tribes have not produced the huge increases in revenue the governor predicted.
Indian gambling will bring $362 million into the state this year, $123 million less than expected. It will bring an estimated $392 million next year, $192 million less than the governor's rosy forecast.

Like other parts of the economy, gambling is feeling the impact of the economic downturn.
Across the state, casinos are not seeing the boom that they had gotten used to. The recession is forcing everyone, including gamblers, to pull back on discretionary spending.
Indian casinos are not the only gambling ventures feeling pinched. California lottery sales have dropped $600 million -- almost 17% -- over the last two fiscal years. That decline is particularly worrisome because the lottery is expected to be a key part of any state budget deal.

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