Monday, January 12, 2009

Riverside District Attorney Rod Pacheco REFUSES to Prosecute Pechanga Security Guard

We keep in contact with Richard and Jonne Swan, the couple who suffered abuse at the hands of Pechanga Casino guards, and whose story we reported on HERE. They have been waiting for Riverside District Attorney Rod Pacheco to press charges against the Pechanga Tribal Casino security guard of excessive violence.

Here's the word from Jonne Swan:

We are still having on going battles, the stupid DA's office says there isn't enough evidence to charge the guard with assault and battery.
But I talked to someone in victims advocate and told her to ask him to reopen the case as the surveillance tapes shows there is most definitely enough evidence, besides Rich is still having medical problems.

I am supposed to get a call back from her.

Could it be that the DA doesn't want to run afoul of one of Riverside's biggest employers?


Anonymous said...

Very sad news.

Anonymous said...

When is Pacheco due for re-election?

I think we need a new DA

Anonymous said...

Pacheco should be replaced

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that the surveillance tapes have been erased or lost.

Anonymous said...

these people are pure money monger low lifes looking for a free ride. they are sick and disgusting.