Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kempthorne's Legacy: A $235,000 Bathroom

Will Dirk Kempthorne's legacy at the Department be:

Cobell v Kempthorne LOSS
Carl Artman's Ineffectiveness
Not having BIA step in on Tribal Disenrollments
Not allowing recognitions of tribes
Untold WASTE and ABRASIVE Leadership at the Department

Short answer: NONE OF THE ABOVE

It will be the the $235,000 POTTY

Comes now news that former Idaho Gov. and current Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne ladled out $235,000 in public funds in the final months of his cabinet stint to renovate his private office bathroom.
Kempthorne's potty is no ordinary loo. No, sir. Not even the nation's soaring debt could stay this bureaucrat from lavish spending. There's a shower, a refrigerator and freezer, new plumbing and lavish wood paneling. (geez, Joe the Plumber could have done it cheaper)

At a cost that exceeds the late 2008 median price of a Boise home ($187,300), Kempthorne's bathroom is bound to become as notable as the legendary $600 paid by the Pentagon for a military toilet and the Minneapolis bathroom stall where Sen. Craig was arrested.

Excellent example of LEADERSHIP, Mr. Secretary

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Anonymous said...

How many terminated tribal members could Kempthorne have helped if he applied that money to the BIA?

Come on Dirk, did they teach you this at San G?