Friday, January 30, 2009

BIA Corruption Harms San Pasqual Family? Keeps Them From Participating in Tribal Election

Stay tuned for a series on the San Pasqual Tribal Disenrollment issue and possible corruption at the BIA. Developing

Watch the Video at the left sidebar.

1. They are keeping ENROLLED tribal members from voting
2. Sheriff's Department is ASSISTING tribe in keeping members from ENTERING their own reservation and exercising their rights.
3. The BIA is culpable in this harmful action


Anonymous said...

San Pasqual

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for reporting on the gross misconduct of all governmetns involved, tribal and federal. Everyone must be help accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

keep the information coming out!

White Buffalo said...

Sadly, the Indian people have had this fight with the white's since they came to the shore on the east coast in the 1400's and from Mexico in the 1700's. It is a fact that greed and the quest for power affect the spirit of all men regardless of race. My great, great, great, great grandfather would be ashamed of the behavior of the wealthy tribes who sold their soles for a little gold and glory. The circle is broken and the people wander the people suffer more now than they did when the white father placed them on the reservation. Hold your head high and walk the path you are not alone there are many warriors who fight the battle with you. You Indian brothers and sisters who forgot you may be forgotten when it is their time to cross the river to the other side. It is harder for the man with hate in his heart to see the path. Smell the sage clear your mind and work every day to please mother earth and father sky

LightBred said...

That's really messed up, thanks for sharing this information. And of course law enforcement is always there to help REMOVE or ARREST the Indian.

Anonymous said...

This video is a common site that could be seen on many reservations. Thank you for sharing this particular one. We need many, many more circulating!