Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama's Transition Team's Service Will be Terminated Next Week

In response to the numerous letters we've sent, Keith Harper from President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team has communicated the following:

Sirs -

I have received many of these emails inviting me to meet. Please be advised and advise all others who have sent me this request that I would have no problem meeting with you ordinarily but as of January 20, my service and the service of all the Transition team will be terminated as the new Administration takes office. As I do not anticipate accepting a position in the new Administration, I will at that point be a private citizen.
I think it would be best at this late point in the Transition process that you contact the new Administration regarding your concerns once they have had a chance to settle in and request a meeting with them. Of course, I cannot commit that Administration to any meeting or any position.

In addition, if there is written material that you would like to submit to Transition, you can do so through Greg Nelson of our Office of Public Liaison (who is copied on this message) and it will become part of the official Transition record. I'd ask that your group collect its thoughts in one document and Greg and I can work to make sure it gets to the right place to advise the new Administration of your issues. You will have to make any submission by this Friday.

Thank you for your desire and willingness to add your voice to this critical preparatory process.

Best -

Keith Harper

Thank you Mr. Harper for giving us the direction we need to get our information in front of our new President of the United States and his team.


t'eetilawuncha! said...

Thanks to all who continue to support the cause. I do thank everyone who continues to care about our future and our childrens future, and most of all everyone who cares enough for our ancestors who are rolling over in their graves by the digrace people have shown for them.

Anonymous said...

Well we're finally getting somewhere, its been slow and long. But keep your faith, your work is not going unheard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Indians across the United States of America.
Good will prevail.....................

Anonymous said...

How can we help toward this Friday’s deadline?
Is the “group” getting one document together for Mr. Harper and Mr. Nelson?

redding indian said...