Friday, January 16, 2009

Coyote Valley Pomo Band Kicked Out Old Thieves Got New Thief in Return

Boy, some tribes really know how to hurt the image of Tribal Gaming in California. Pechanga, Redding, Chukchansi, San Pascual eliminate members, others just steal the money. Is this what is meant by Self Reliance?

The treasurer of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians has been charged with embezzling from the tribe, the second tribal member to face charges since the tribe was scandalized by the 2006 federal indictments of its entire tribal council.

Tribal Treasurer Sharlyne Elizabeth Burke, 37, was booked and released last week on suspicion of felony grand theft embezzlement of casino funds

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Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Jennie Miranda and the Masiel family are trying to keep Gabriel Pico's son out of the tribe. I guess it looks like the Masiels might go after the Pico family. I also heard that Andy Masiel is running for council later this month.

Anonymous said...

Soon we will have more of the Pechanga tribe out of the tribe than we have in… maybe then the majority will rule!! Sometimes justice comes in the ironies of life.

Anonymous said...

You have no clue what actually happened, the tribe on those lands now are not the true coyote valley Indians, instead are squatters sitting on my people’s land living a lie in which the state and the bia are fully aware of. Whilst the nigc is also aware of these lies they allow a falsely self proclaimed band of misfits and non natives to operate and continue making revenue at the cost of hundreds of true natives who were illegally and unlawfully removed from our lands by federal state and local authorities. ( knowing they were doing exactly what happened hundreds of years ago , forcefully and willing removing decendants of true pomo and native blood from their lands . Except this time a group of liars and true thieves are given the power to own and operate illegally within a soverign nation of which they do not belong. Since when were philipino and Solomon descendants known to be of pomo origins? Since never.)

Sincerely - a true Native American who’s land was actually stolen once again, but this time in the 21st century. Wonder how much restitution this will cost the state government as well as the federal government. Not to mention the thieves involved. Just wait, the truth always comes to light.