Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos From Candelight Vigil at Pechanga

Over 125 attended the candlelight vigil. The support from those entering and leaving Pechanga was evident. Many stopped to inquire about what was happening and were very interested.
Since it was at Pechanga, many customers, who left without winning, UNDERSTOOD, that if Pechanga will cheat their OWN PEOPLE, they'd cheat their customers too.


stand your ground said...

Great pictures, O.P.
Thank's for posting them.
Just to mention the above, some people who stopped in their cars actualy knew what is happening with Pechanga, it's no longer a secret.

Whats going on at the Rez. is now an open book for all to read.

Anonymous said...

So I heard there are two new council members, Corrine Garbani, and Andy Masiel.

Anonymous said...

please dont take offense but what is wrong with all of the tribal members that got kicked out?...there has to be way more than 125 people that got the shaft...dont they realize that there is strength in numbers? should have been every member that was kicked out plus supporters..then maybe the news would put you on..I guess these people just bend over and accept the way they have been treated..i am very surprised at the low turnout...

White Buffalo said...

It is hard sometimes not to take offense when someone miss-intermits the actions of another. The spirit of my family is alive and well however, there are reasons why many were not in attendance is primarily most of us work and cannot afford to attended. Transportation is a big problem for me personally I would have been there yet no one answered my plea for a ride, in fact, I mentioned the need for a ride on this site, yet there was no response. It is true that there are may who have been affected, yet it is not good for the spirit to cast shadows and doubt about others if you do not know the real reasons for someone's actions or inactions. If I were to call you for a ride, what would you say to me? Or would you say that I am too far out of your way and then grudgingly say yes. I will not beg for one nor impose myself in a beholding way and it did grieve my heart terribly to know that I missed such an important event. Remember there are reasons for everything and sometimes-heedless words cause pain unnecessarily.