Wednesday, January 7, 2009

San Manuel Tribe Makes Pechanga Look Like PIKERS

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians on Tuesday donated $7.3 million to 25 nonprofit organizations, the largest sum of money given by the tribe at one time.

Aquinas High School in San Bernardino, received $200,000, a huge some compared to the $25,000 that Pechanga gives local schools.

Bear in mind, Temecula residents, that Pechanga, in eliminating 25% of their tribe since 2005, has $125 MILLION dollars extra to do these sorts of things with (just since the terminations). INSTEAD, they eliminated 800 positions at the casino and give themselves $30,500 per month or $360,000 per year...EACH.

Pechanga saved a fortune in eliminating health coverage for many elders of the tribe and also college funding for the young who wanted to go. Pechanga spent $80 million trying to convince Riverside County that they were good....with television commercials.

Great work San Manuel! Keep up the efforts.


Anonymous said...

How do you get to the $125 million?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to San Manuel for leading by example.

How many of their members have they thrown out to the streets?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for letting criminals live on your reservation also San Manuel...and making sure the locals are paid off to get the criminals out of jail and on the reservation on ankle bracelets for contract murder...way to go!
(this is what I have read on your site Opechanga)

Anonymous said...

Yep, they take in their family, just like all the tribes do. Pechanga goes even further by accepting as gospel the word of an imprisoned child molestor.

He is back on the rez too.

Anonymous said...

I think that this article is a perfect example of how this effort is headed in the wrong direction. I understand that you are all upset and frustrated. I personally am in the moratorium waiting maybe forever, but I am not interested in a negative attitude toward Pechanga as Tribe/Resevation. Rather than boycotting Pechanga I say lets support our tribe and discuss the wrong doings by the individuals. From reading this and other sites the CCP is to blame for most of our problems, which includes individuals such as Butch Murphy, the Basquez/Masiel/Miranda family, Frances Miranda, etc.

Realistically, there are few scenarios where we will all become part of the tribe. The way that our group is headed, the only way those that were disenrolled will get back in is if the federal government steps in. Additionally, those in the moratorium will likely not get in either because there is little incentive for the current members to do so. The way I look at it is we need to put ourselves in the shoes of a general member. If we were in and people did what the disenrolled and moratorium group has been doing would we help correct the wrong? We need to think what would it take to make us want to help?

These reasons are why I think that we need to stop negativity and public displays against the tribe as a whole. We need to unite with the fact that we are Pechanga and support the tribe but not the actions of some members. First, I think we should list on one of these sites things like our general credentials, i.e. our accomplishments, degrees, jobs, etc. (don’t lists names just general information), to show tribal members what we have to offer. Second, I think negative topics need to be focused on individuals, do things like having a protest in front of Jennie Miranda’s house instead in front of the casino; write about why this all happened and who is to blame. Additionally, if many of the individuals that caused this are not even Pechanga that needs to be shared. Personally, if I was a member and you told me the Masiel family is not Pechanga I might just agree, but if you proved it to me maybe I would do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Below is a perfect example of what we are dealing with regarding current tribal members:

Recently I ran into a tribal elder who I hadn't seen since our disenrollment and while he agreed that it was wrong what was done to my family he said, "I just don't get involved in those kind of things."

He also agreed, "some of those people (CPP) aren't even Pechanga."

But again, he doesn't get involved in those kind of things.

I know some people in the tribe don't know what happened to us and don't know that the moratorium conflicts with the Pechanga constitution, but others do and they do nothing so they are just as much to blame as those who did the deeds.

Also, remember that a majority of tribal members at the meetings that approved and extended the moratorium voted to keep you out of the tribe.

At least I know that I wasn't at the meeting when the moratorium was started but that I voted no on its extension in 2000.

But it is a good idea to focus on the CPP. The problem in dealing with them is they have larger families and/or they are better organized then the rest of the tribe.

I don't think there is now as much organized opposition among the non CPP families.

That seemed to have lost steam when we and the Manuela Mirandas were disenrolled.

Realize we were 25 percent of the tribe, a large organized voting block who was starting to win elections.

It was when we put one of the Hunters on the PDC, defeating Jenny Miranda for a post she thought was automatically hers, that the CPP really stepped up the attacks on us.

I do know what it was like when a large extended family (the Manuela Mirandas) were kicked out of the tribe while I was still a member.

What I did was at least I contributed to their legal fund because I knew it was wrong what had happened to them and after the law to end disenrollments was passed in 2005, and I thought we would still be in the tribe from that point on, I went to a well known tribal elder with a plan to submit a petition to end the moratorium.

But the General Membership meetings were cancelled up until the time I was disenrolled so I never got the chance to try to end the moratorium.

But maybe with the defeat of Andy Masiel for tribal chariman and the election of a member of the Munoas to the enrollment committee that the tide is turning away from the CPP.

But what if we lay off of being critical of the tribe as a whole and the tribe still does nothing to right the wrongs that have been done to you and us?

My question to you, anonymous moratorium person, has your family who are enrolled or anyone else now in the tribe, that you know of, done anything to help you?

just do it said...

The two tribal mafia members who conspired a murder for hire are now banned from the San Manuel Indian Reservation...
Said Chairman Ramos.
The child molester from Pechanga
is still a member in good standing with his tribe.
Question for Tribal Chair Macarro
"why is this child molester still enrolled and why is he not shunned by the tribe?"
What a difference in charachter between the two Tribal leaders.

Anonymous said...

Yes they were banned from San Manuel...but he didn't say they wouldn't get their per capita did he?....what would they care if they still got their over $100,000 a month?...

Luiseno said...

just do it said...

.....The child molester from Pechanga
is still a member in good standing with his tribe.
Question for Tribal Chair Macarro
"why is this child molester still enrolled and why is he not shunned by the tribe?"

He is not only still enrolled, he is honored and given a elevated position in the tribe. Not only was his testimony given more credibility than that of respected former tribal members such as Antonio Ashman , but they have used him to represent the tribe in there commercials.

Anonymous said...

Plus there is another convicted sex offender who is a member of the tribal rangers, the Pechanga reservation's internal security.

His profile is also on the Megan's law Web site.

This person could not get a job in law enforcement or private security anywhere else but where he currently works, on the Pechanga reservation.

People, we are not making this stuff up.

Go to the Megan's law Web site, which profiles registered sex offenders in California and look up the names Vincent Ibanez and Ronald Rivera and their profiles come up.

Ibanez and Rivera are both tribal members in good standing but we are not, go figure?