Monday, January 26, 2009

Quanah Parker Brightman's Press Release for February 5 Demonstration in Sacramento

For Immediate Release:

This past Saturday the 24th of January 2009 Traditional people from various tribes across turtle island gathered outside Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula California for a Candle Light Prayer Visual to shed light on the dark side of Casinos and what they bring to our people and communities.

On this same day tribal leaders, congressional dignitaries and representatives from President Obama's administration gathered inside the Pechanga Casino for a Tribal leaders forum. Tribal Identity Theft is Becoming an Epidemic In Indian Country. Many In Indian Country see Disenrollment as The New Form of The Old Termination Policy used by the Federal Government During The Last Century.

The General Public Is Unaware of The Fact That Only a Handful of Tribes Truly Benefit from Indian Gaming. Thousands of Traditional First Nations People throughout Indian Country have been denied or stripped of their Basic Human and Civil Rights to Adequate Health Care, Higher Educational Services, And Proper Housing By Corrupt Tribal Leaders. The United States Of America Signed 389 Treaties With The First Nations People In North America. And Each Treaty Calls For These Basic Human and Civil Rights. When a Human Being Is Disenrolled, he or she is not entitled to any of the of the above mentioned provisions awarded to First Nation People Through International Law.

American Indians are The Only Group of People In North America Who Must Prove Their Lineage through The Blood Quantum in order to be eligible for membership or citizenship in their tribe or Native American nation. Lineal Descendancy Can and Should Be used By All The Tribes of North America. The Blood Quantum is Clearly an Instrument Used by The BIA or Bureau of Indian Affairs to Systematically Extinguish the few remaining First Nations People of North America.

In The Spirit of Resistance, Many Different Native American Nations have began a Movement To Educate The General Public and to Dispel the Rumors that All Indians are Rich and That Indians Don't have to pay Taxes. The Time Has Come to Demand Justice For Traditional First Nations People who Want Nothing More than to be Recognized as Human Beings.

Join Us This Coming Feb 5th 2009 at The State Capital Building North Side From 11am-3pm To Demand Justice For Traditional First Nations People As We Shed Light On The Truth On Indian Gaming And How It Has Infected Our Tribal Leaders With Greed.


Quanah Parker Brightman

Vice President of United Native Americans,Inc


Anonymous said...

Thank You for being a voice for all this injustice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brightman, thank you and your friends from United Native Americans for standing with us at Pechanga. It was a wonderful evening of solidarity

Anonymous said...

Everyone should enjoy the right to determine the merits of an otrganization with their own discernment. It has been my experience to observe United Native Americans to be a staunch opponent of the rights of dis-enrolled Cherokee Freedmen. Being as I understand AIRRO supports the Cherokee Freedmen, some may want to examine the UNA organization a little closer.

Anonymous said...

Many times, you partner with those with whom you disagree.

You can't always find 100% agreement, but you can try to change their position.

Anonymous said...

fair enough,
Your statement is at the very essence of how coalition Native Nation governments would exist.
Nothing gets resolved if you don't talk to people that you disagree with.
I'm not too worried about changing their position.
A mutual understanding and respect for the differing opinions is more desirable at this stage and perhaps just an awareness that portions of agendas of two separate organizations may come into conflict and damage the mutual goal of rights with-in the Native Nations.

Anonymous said...

i want to know why my comment was not posted?? This was in regards to Q. Brightmans response to California Indians and disrepect to California Native women. He is known for this. Who is he trying to fool. I do support all you folks and the efforts to reinstate yourself and others to their respective tribes. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

OP doesnt' censor comments. Maybe you didn't hit the right button to post.

I know we would be interested in hearing what you had to say.

OP, did you censor anything?

Creeper said...

Maybe Q.BRIGHTMAN feels that there is a need for strong Indian Women's voices to come forward and be heard.

Anonymous said...

Wow, This Is How You Treat a Person Whom Is Helping You? By Attacking Him. I Would Take The Time to Speak With a Person Before I Started Throwing Dirt at Them.