Tuesday, October 14, 2008

San Pascual Tribe MUST LOSE the right to Run Valley View

Tamra at NDN news links to the story of the San Pascual tribe that we've written on HERE HERE and HERE

An impasse that threatens the future of the San Pasqual Indian band's Valley View Casino continued yesterday despite efforts to bring warring factions together, the local head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs said.

The tribe's quarterly meeting drew about 200 members to a tent on the reservation in Valley Center, but competing sides couldn't resolve their differences, said James Fletcher, the bureau's Southern California superintendent. The meeting was the latest attempt to settle the issue of who represents the tribe's government, which consists of the tribe's adult members. A five-member executive committee has split, with each faction saying it is the legitimate government.

Fletcher recognizes neither one. “I asked them, one side or the other, to ask me to make a decision,” Fletcher said. He said he's still waiting for an answer.

Without a federally recognized tribal government, the tribe cannot operate businesses, including the casino, or receive federal grants, Fletcher said. OP: Then let's get it SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, Mr. Fletcher. Shut the Casino down NOW until the tribe complies. San Pascual members, DO WHAT IS RIGHT and JUST. Keep the tribe together before the Federal government CELEBRATES having LESS Indians to deal with.

Sunlight: James Fletcher is a member of the Pechanga Band of Mission Indian, who have eliminated 25% of the tribe via illegal and unconstitutional disenrollments. His own tribe is guilty of doing what he is accusing San Pascual of doing.


just do it said...

Will James Fletcher fight as hard for the Pechanga disenrolled and for all the others who where denied

Anonymous said...

The BIA needs to exercise its power quickly and surely.

The tribes need to know they can't act without consequences.

STOP going to Valley View.

Anonymous said...

Valley View is being run by evil and greedy people. Whites and natives are trying to get rid of a good families. Only a true native american would not treat their elders bad, cut off benefits and disenroll them. I believe good will happen to the disenroll familes in the future. All the evil, greedy and bad tribal members will suffer later on in life. Our best wishes go out to all that are disenrolled and please keep up the blogs. We have stopped going to Pechanga and Valley View 5 months ago. The goverment is greedy, they do not want to close any casino, they need tax money from them! Pay for their wages. Indians need more civil rights against other Indians doing them wrong.

Anonymous said...

The greedy bastards that are keeping the family out of San Pasqual aint even San Pasqual Indian themselves. What a joke they are descendants of a white man

all documents are on this website

His name is Allen Lawson


Anonymous said...

Why are all of you Anonymous if you are legit! (Chickens) You speak loud under anoninity..You claim to be from San Pasqual and cant even spell it right! You put San Pascual!Hmmmm, Prove your blood lines people! You had a free ride long enough, move on (Get A Job). Allan Lawson is only 1/16th and an enrolled member so you atleast have that part right, he is a fraud. In regards to Altos, Move on you are not even 1/16th, Even Rudy Ballone says his family is from mexico and not Indian.

Anonymous said...

during this coronovirs plague the casino will open again and death will hit many, and fights will break out because of the too soon to open the casino belivers. And many of the tribal members will die. Because of their greed, adulty, and ugly nasty life style. Claiming lies that they are San pasqual natives, real indians don't die. But the other side will die..because they have not the Indian blood to stop the anitigens....Soon in October they will be eating Modestas KARMA. They will ask to be burried in the San pasqual cemetery...to become a pond of piss" like that fake Quis Quis who is dead and gone. But her tomb stone is pissed on by the real deal..all those fraudulent
wanna be indians from San pasqual will have a pond of piss..