Monday, October 13, 2008

Exposing CA Tribal Corruption is a Full Time Job

It's difficult to make your voice heard, when politicians are stuffing dollar bills in their ears to drown out the voices of those who have been discriminated against.

We have many groups that speak out and some are more active than others.

Here are some sites for you to take a look at:

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Anonymous said...

This Wintu Blogg Was Created As A Forum To Address to the Varied Issues Surrounding the Connections Between Tribal Fractionization and Delayed Federal Recognition for the Now Several Bands that Exist Today Representing the Wintu Tribe of Shasta and Trinity Counties.

Interesting that the recent contemporary california tribal disenrollments, and other violations of members rights, is entirely centered around the tenure of a few tribal members that think they have completely locked up leadership for entire tribal memberships, and are independant of any oversite whatsoever. We live in interesting times. Get involved. Educate yourselves. The only way to native proliferation is communication.

Keep the Tribal Coffers that have assumed unilateral power over the members lookin' over their shoulders.

- Stop Wintu Fraud Editor

Anonymous said...

Most of the tribal members that are left after the disenrollments are SCARED that they will be next!

and have stories from many tribes.

Anonymous said...

All existing tribal members should fear disenrollment!
The present leadership, which is governed by greed, will act with the same tactics demonstrated before. As per cap checks decrease, immoral disenrollments will happen again and the unethical moratoriums will continue! Be assured the checks will decrease; failing economy and changing priorities will require it. Only a tribe standing on solid ground can withstand the future storms. The only way this certain fear can be relieved is for the tribe to demand the right thing be done! Enrollments restored and a whole tribe repaired making ready for the hard times together. The government who has gluttonously taken the tribes money will once again rape them of their pride because we are fractured from within.
Listen with your hearts!!!