Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Sarah Palin Kicked Some Joe Biden ASS in the DEBATE

This is the chance to see the two people in action, Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin!

After all is said and done, whichever is elected, we most likely won't care much about after the President is in office.

Any thoughts as to how the debates will go?

UPDATES: It was very clear that Sarah Palin won the debate. Expectations were low, so doing better that those expectations was easy. She clearly showed that she had the ability to learn. There is still a way to go. Biden had the tougher task; avoid his usual gaffes, not be condescending and support Obama, who has very little to run on, no record, few stances that are secure.

Biden has been in the Senate for 35 years and he certainly didn't look like he had 17 times the experience that beats Palin's 2 years as Governor. She stood up to a tough test and passed with flying colors.

Obama is NOT about hope, he's part of the Chicago Political Machine he is MORE of the same and has shown NO inclination to go against them, or to STAND for anything.

That being said, it's most likely that Obama will win, Bush fatigue is too hard to overcome. Pechanga tribal members better be asking for a 401K plan to hide the money, because Obama is coming after YOU. Do the math, you are in the category that will be taxed the heaviest.

Jazz Shaw of the Moderate Voice has his OPINION on Sarah's victory.
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says Sarah Palin won HERE
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Anonymous said...

It will be a boring affair. Palin will do okay and Biden will be Biden.

No matter, Obama will win no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for VP candidates. I'm voting for the most experienced candidate for President.

This is not a big event.

OPechanga said...

Reuters loonies are asking if they are going to cavity search Palin for earphones or radio devices.

Anonymous said...

What's everyone worried about? Bush beat Gore AND Kerry in his debates.

Palin is more eloquent that Bush by a mile

Anonymous said...

I think Biden will do decently.

Palin will do far above expectations. This will cause the media to pick apart every answer she has and lefties to claim that she was getting answers piped in.

Biden will be declared the winner.

The dial will move a couple points in McCain's favor, but still within the MoE.

OPechanga said...

Palin OWNED the first half hour of the debate.

Biden is LYING way to much and will be exposed in the spin rooms.

Anonymous said...

Senator Biden did a good job. He's been doing this so long that he really came across as informed.

He's a bullshitter, but a very good bullshitter.

Palin was as good as she could be, I guess. But, she's obviously a fast learner and this was a good medium for her.

She will get better and learn much more. Biden is incapable of change.

So that leaves us with the Presidential candidates, one of which is so far ahead of the other in experience and willingness to get involved, the other is Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Mccain should have sent Palin and worked in washington on friday! WOW...say it isnt so...Joe! why is it that Sarah Palin, Who wasnt on the national stage 6 weeks ago, is the only person to call Obama on his "troops in Afganistan are air raiding villiages and killing Civilians?" commment. NOTHING from the media. She killed tonight....

Biden was out classed, and out debated....! by a hockey mom.

Anonymous said...

Palin definitely showed her true form last night and was very effective.

She's a quick learner, and too bad she was this good in her interviews.

If we don't vote for McCain, that means Pelosi and Reid will have carte blanche to ruin America.

just do it said...

Gov.Palin has more common sense then Sen.Biden
i would rather go with common sense
everything else can be learned.
You can learn foreign policy , learn each country's policy and get to know their leaders.
You dont' need to be in the senate for 20 years to do that.
We all have seen how our elected
geniuses f....d us up.

Anonymous said...

Biden told so many lies and showed his own lack of knowledge on foreign policy.

The thing about the U.S. and France kicking Hezbollah out of Lebanon was amazing. That never happened!

This is the guy that's a heartbeat away? Hasn't he learned ANYTHING in his time in the Senate?

Anonymous said...

He learned how to vote No...A lot...

Anonymous said...

You guys are all full of it...Biden wiped the floor with her...and a Democrat will more likely help you with your tribal cause than any Republican ever will...

OPechanga said...

Anonymous in comment 13 thinks Biden wiped the floor with her and that's a fair assessment on the first look.

After you fact check his statements, you find that most everything he said was a lie. So in reality, Joe Biden is an excellent bullshitter. But that's certainly not an example of experience that is useful.

Joe said he was Israel's best friend, yet he was looking to cut funds to Israel.

PLEASE anonymous, point us in the direction of the Democrat that will help our cause. Howard Dean chose Macarro, the little evil of Pechanga, the NAACP cares NOT about the civil rights violators from Pechanga, as they took $ from them, and the NARF isn't interested in the rights of the Individual Indian, so tell me, which Democrat do you know?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell me how the Republicans have helped you?..and why you are at it..PLEASE tell me if you have fact checked Palin?..she didn't really say anything constructive to check her on, but most of her statements were clearly stretching the boundries of truth.
She asked for and got more earmark money per person in Alsaka than Obama got for Chicago, but she spins it in another direction..she took Millions for the "Bridge to Know-where"..and after she got the money..only then did she come out against it..BUT..she still kept the money
She is as greedy as the tribe that kicked you out..the Republicans have been in office for 8 years and they brought you no help...maybe the Democrats will??..who knows...but its worth a try..

OPechanga said...

Let's see, not saying anything constructive, or LYING when you say something? FLAT OUT LYING is what Biden did.

Palin cannot get earmarks as she's NOT in congress. Earmarks are obtained through the choice of their state's congresspeople.

And since the ACLU, NARF and the DNC are obviously Democrats, I'm curious as to WHY you couldn't point out which of them would help? You're as bad a Palin! ;oP

Anonymous said...

But i'm not running for office like that dumb Palin is...thats the difference!
And you don't think that the Governer of a state has nothing to say about earmarks? some homework...they and their lobbyist are very involved with special interest money.
By the way...instead of spouting off OP...tell me what Biden "lied"
about...I have gone to many fact finder sites and they really never said he lied..
And give me an example of how the Republicans who have been in office in power for 8 years have helped your plight??!!come on...we are waiting..I bet just as much money went to the Republican party from your ex-tribe ..I am sure they are covering all is them that kicked you out, NOT the Democrats or Biden blame the right people..your fellow tribesmen.

Anonymous said...

Biden's lies/gaffes are legion. They are accepted because he's basically a good guy.

But his experience was put on display and he failed to impress.

No matter, Obama will win!

Anonymous said...

Funny how easily someone who sits on his ass and hasn't accomplished much can call Palin stupid.

All her Democratic opponents in Alaska have said DO NOT underestimate her.

80% approval rating is proof enough that she knows how to do her job.

Obama is a nothing, and Democratic voters have already said that Biden is not presidential material.

It's sad that we have two weak choices for president this year.

Anonymous said...

What has Obama Ever Done?

Anonymous said...

Sits on his ass?...I have run a hugely profitable business for over 30 years.... and been Mayor of my city for 2 terms....what have you bunch worked for except a government hand-out each month?(at least thats the impression people get after reading this bad-mouth your own tribe)
I am not one of your tribal members but a person that was sympathetic to your cause, but maybe now I know why the leaders kicked you out.If a person has a belief different than yours you immediately start the name calling...if you truely believe that Palin is ready to run this country, than I can understand why you haven't received any are looking at the wrong leadership. Not saying she is a bad person, like you guys do with Obama and Biden, just not anywhere close to running this country and thats what would happen if McCain should pass.
And believe me as long as your ex-tribe keeps contributing to these are getting no help in your cause.And they are giving to both sides.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, that highly profitable business you ran didn't help your reading comprehension did it.

For many of us Hunters, it took YEARS before per capita even matched our salaries. That being said, the per capita is a right for those who can prove our membership and WE DID.

Obambi and Biden are good people, just not someone we should put our trust into.

McCain has a MOTHER still alive, so I'm not too concerned about him leaving us soon. And Palin's a quick study. Plus Biden's had 30 years and he's still wrong. A nice guy though.

Anonymous said...

And McCain has had 26 years and the last 8 years were in line with Bush....and McCains father died at 71 and so did his grandfather,...doesn't his fathers side count for something?
By the reading comprehension is pretty good..after reading your site I stopped a $2,000 a week gambling trip to your hated Pechanga.
I read what you had to say and stopped all gambling at that Casino.And most of my friends did likewise...but your political views are making many who read this site (out of the tribe) feel like you really should keep politics off of this site.You just anger people who maybe agree with you on your other issues.
You have to think about it...we have nothing to gain by stopping our weekly trips to Pechanga...we actually liked it there...we did it in support of you...but you like to attack us if we disagree with your Republican views.
Who needs your grief?

Anonymous said...

I'd say his father's side DOES count for something and that's their service to our country.

You had a $2,000 per week gambling jones? Wow, $54,000 per year is a LOT to spend on gambling.

I can't believe you would judge all your views on what OP's POLITICAL views are, yet you wouldn't judge Obama on the views/company he keeps, or the secrets. Why we don't know who his cocaine dealer is remains a mystery. Obama STILL hasn't released his full medical records, where McCain has.

McCain is NOT Bush, he's farther left than Bush is, and BUSH was far enough left. But Obama is Waaaay too far left and his experience is even less that Palin's and she's only in line for the VP spot.

Even Biden said he's not ready..

Anonymous said...

Obama has spent $105 MILLION dollars the first half of October. Too bad he didn't think about spreading some of that wealth to the people that REALLY need it..... OH, yes, that's OUR money we wants to do that with, not his.