Friday, October 10, 2008

Freedmen: Julian Bond and NAACP SUPPORTS Severance of US Government Relations with Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

In a show of support for the Cherokee Freedmen, the NAACP supports legislation introduced by Dianne Watson of California. Let's hope the full force of the NAACP will help resolve their issue.

The Money Quote of their statement:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NAACP strongly supports H.R. 2824, legislation introduced by Congresswoman Dianne Watson (CA) and 11 of her Congressional colleagues requiring that the United States government sever all ties with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma reverse its decision and once again recognize the full rights of the Cherokee Freedmen, or Black Cherokees and give them full rights as members of the tribe.

Good for the national NAACP. As noted in a blog during California's election, the California NAACP sides with the Pechanga Band in their violations of civil rights of their people AND they take Pechanga money too. We hope the CA NAACP with stand with those who have had their civil rights violated in our state.

Congresswoman Watson, thank you for your work with the Freedmen, and we look forward to you expanding the investigations to the ICRA violations by tribes in OUR state too.


Anonymous said...

The local NAACP in California, Alice Huffman is only worried about getting PAID.

She doesn't care if she takes money from civil rights violators like Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the NAACP for standing up for the Individual Indian.

Can you use your influence to get the ACLU involved?

That will increase the pressure on politicians and judges.

stand your ground said...

The CA NAACP is accepting bribe money from Pechanga to look the other way. They know all about the
disenrollments and the moratorium
and the civil rights violations,but
they chose to look the other way.
Since all of you, whose civil rights where violated are not descendants of black slaves, you won't see any support coming your way.
You people are indians, why do you need civil rights?
I am making a point here.
As far as the ACLU goes
did you ever see or hear of this useless group helping the
Native Americans, however, they will come to the aid of any gang banger who just killed some one.
....Just making another point....
....I know how this sounds...
it is what it is, unjust & unfair.
All of you need to make a lot more noise to be heard.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Anonymous said...

You all need to get squeakier, because nobody knows about you

Anonymous said...

I understand the frustation from some hat feel this has become to specific in it's racial parameters. I can only tell you that I as an afican-american has and will continue to focus on the larger human rights aspect of the dis-enrollments that is affecting people of all ethnicities in Indian country. my stance is and will continue to be that while the native nations have the sovereign right to establish their citizenship, the U.S. can not condone a human rights violatiopn whereas the native nation as a state entity re-evaluates the citizenship of an enfranchised person of their society and then choose to dis-enfranchise them based on the ethnic/genetic status of an ancestor. The inherited right of a descendant can not be challenged by the descendants generation, that is the true meaning of by blood in the national, rather than racial sense. I will continue to try and convey this message to the NAACP.
Allen L. Lee

Anonymous said...

Thank you Allen,

You make a lot of sense. The actions of some tribes PROVE that they are motivated by something OTHER that doing the right thing.

If the Cherokee People of 1830's to 1890's thought the Freedmen and slaves were part of the tribe, then who is Chad Smith to think otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly it doesn't matter what Chad Smith thinks. He is only one man, one Cherokee, with one vote. It was the Cherokee people who voted to amend the Cherokee Nation constitution to set the requirements that Cherokee citizens have to have a Cherokee ancestor -- not Chad Smith. Those who want to blame him are only gearing up for the next election years from now.

Congress has already set the tone on how receptive they will be to HR 2824. Not very.

Let's face it, our next president, Barack Obama has already said this issue needed to be solved in court and when it is, tribal sovereignty will win again and again -- regardless of what Chad Smith or the NAACP think.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #3
The tone that Congress has set with regards to HR 2824 is that the tribal court can only return with one answer, and that is to protect the Freedmen Descendants rights either by making the temporary injuction permanant, or declaring the constitutional amendment in question unconstitutional.
The courts can't remove the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from the federal registry of recognized Indian nations, but Congress and the the Dept of the Interior can, which is something that I wish would have happened yesterday, rather than conditioned on a court decision that may happen in the future.
Since the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma seems to have such a good relationship with the state of Oklahoma they can always prefer a recognition from the state of Oklahoma, like so many other state recognized tribes, and stop forcing the rest of the federal union to participate and condone their despicable human rights violations in the name of sovereign privilege.
I wouldn't be to smug about Obama in the White House. The polls have a three to six point range between the two main candidates and most polls have a three or four point margin of error. Add to that the quiet race voter that says yes from their mouths but no on paper, and a class of disenfranchised Native Nation people trivialized by people like yourself and Obama, and the outcome could be a surprise.
Final answer, jeapordy style: Who had the last say on the economic bail-out, was it the Courts, the President, or Congress?
Allen L. Lee

just do it said...

Thank you Allen L.Lee
you are a voice in the wilderness good to hear from you again.
I hope that the Freedmen are succesful in their fight against
the Cherokee Nation.