Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pechanga and President George W. Bush United

Pechanga gets land that is important to ALL Temecula area Indians. The tribe said they were not going to build on land they acquired via the Great Oak Transfer. They have a golf course on that land now.

PLEASE GOLFERS, DO NOT take too deep a divot. You are golfing on ancient burial grounds.

NORTH COUNTY – President Bush last week signed legislation turning over more than 1.7 square miles of federal land to the Pechanga Indian band for use primarily as a wildlife preserve. The land includes 119 acres in San Diego County.
The Temecula-area tribe has been seeking the land for years, saying it is important to the tribe's culture and history.
The law transferring the land limits how the tribe can use it. The tribe is not allowed to build a casino or any structure except those supporting wildlife, and is to maintain public access.
Also included in the transfer is an 20-acre Indian burial ground near Lake Elsinore.


just do it said...

Mark Macarro, the lying piece of humanity that "leads" the Pechanga tribe along with his corrupt Board will soon change all that.
"Nothing will be build, we will leave it as it is"
Wait a while and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that the tribe is getting cut back by 40% per month on the per capita...any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

The per capita can continue to be cut if people quit going there.

Take a MONTH off from visiting Pechanga and support another enterprise, like Pala or now that the ponies are back at Santa Anita, spend the day there.