Friday, October 24, 2008

How to WIN at the Pechanga Casino

Get outta here! YOU CAN'T WIN, the machines are designed to take your money. And besides if a machine malfunctions, WHO are you going to complain to? Manager's have been fired for cheating THEIR OWN WORKERS, (even though it took MONTHS to fire the son of the former tribal spokesman) you think they care about YOU?

The Pechanga Casino in Temecula features hundreds of table games and over 3,500 slot machines. Do you think they would be able to put all those games and machines in their casino IF there was a good chance you would win money?  Each machine was averaging $325 a day in 2004.   Do you think in the tough economy they might tighten the reels a bit?  You DID know they don't have to put the win % on tribal slots, like they do in Las Vegas.

Exactly how do you think that each Pechanga member can be paid $360,000 per year? By you WINNING? Hardly. Take $20 and if you don't hit it big, QUIT. If you win more than 25% STOP PLAYING and go home with your winnings.

The best thing you can do is take a coupon in for the buffet and start with the expensive items! Lamb, shrimp, crab cakes, steak or sushi (not rolls). LEAVE the salads and cheap jello desserts and go for the chocolate. Take a ziploc for snacks and splenda to extend your pleasure!

The drinks?  Well, they have automated pourers, so the bartenders can't make it stronger for you, so find a deal on beers, at least you know what you are getting.

Avoid the fancy restaurants because a steak is: $38 for a 7 oz filet and a breast of chicken is $32 at the great oak. Shoot, a plate of SPAGHETTI is $13 and that's with NO SALAD at Paisano's.

Tip well, as the staff could be layed off at anytime, but STAY away from the machines. REMEMBER, Pechanga has cheated their own people to make their share of the pie much larger. So you know that:

Like in the movie War Games, the answer is:
The only way to win is NOT TO PLAY


Anonymous said...

LOL... this is funny... start with the shrimp? Ha ha.

Better yet, bring a fat person with you.

Anonymous said...

How about bringing a few HS footballers that need to gain weight? They can't gamble and they CAN eat!

Let's take some profit out of Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Pechanga has a "jackpot malfunction" where they didn't pay the winner? It was on KNBC a while back.

OPechanga said...

Here's that story that was mentioned by anonymous:

And she was jumping for joy, when she said she won a $1.3 million jackpot at the Pechanga Indian Gaming Casino in Temecula.

"I felt it was my dream come true," Song said.

It's been a month since all the excitement, but Song hasn't collected a dime.

Pechanga officials insist she didn't win a $1.3 million jackpot. They claim her slot machine simply malfunctioned.

"When the apparent malfunction happened, it basically caused the machine to go haywire visually," said Ciara Coyle with the Pechanga Casino.

But a cell-phone photo showed the machine indicated a jackpot of more than $1.3 million. It was a nickel machine that registered a payout of more than 26 million nickels.

Anonymous said...

Thats so funny...thats exactly what a group of us did this last weekend...we gambled at Pala, but went to Pechanga to eat and to use our "free" money only...and shopped on our comps...and by the looks of the place many people were doing the same thing...the machines were empty and this was the weekend.!!...the employees say its been pretty dead...we didn't see any jackpot winners while we were there...didn't seem to be as many employees either...did they have a lay-off?..since the channel 4 story I have been following your blog...its a shame thay are so greedy..but karma is a bitch and hopefully it will be soon biting them in the pocket-book...damn that place is smokey lately...must be real good for their employees lungs!!!..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the state allows the smoking indoors at casinos like Pachanga. You can't even smoke outside in most of California.

What about the health of the customers? And the employees? Where is the union on this?

Anonymous said...

Will prices be going up now that the volume is down? How will the tribe keep paying the leftover members so much:


Anonymous said...

The Steakhouse is good but very expensive.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

OK, as reported to me and verifiable, $29,000 to $31,000 a month. Not including quartely bonuses. Still people are unable to pay their bills. What would they do with $52,000 a month???
$360,000 a yr. What charities are you supporting if any??? Gaming was to help all native Californians, I can think of several hundred caught in an illegal moritorium at Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

So we are supposed to be in a severe water shortage, does Pechanga get exempt from water usage and building a new golf course??..which takes huge amounts of water???....and why are the fountains running?....and another question maybe you might have an answer to "O Pechanga"...if the tribe is exempt from State tax...why do they charge so much for gasoline at the gas station??..could they be collecting tax and not having to pay it to te State??.because a huge amount of the price of gas in alifornia is for State tax...that would be very illegal wouldn't it??
same on they have to pay state tax?...because they charge it at the Casino???

OPechanga said...

Most California Indian nations have agreements with the state to collect taxes.

Whether they do pay the taxes is a good question, and who does the checking? Do weights and measures come to check out the pumps? Next time you are by there, check to see if there is a sticker and how long it's been. ALSO, Pechanga and other tribes may have to buy on the spot market and that's sometimes more expensive.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Because Pechanga is an independant, they buy on the spot. You can pump some gas there because I will not. Stop at 10 gallons, if the price of gas is $4.03 the price you pay should be $40.30. This will be true at any station you purchase from.

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the council members win $4 million? If a council member can win, won't the customers win too?

Where is the promotion of the winner? I couldnt find it in a search. Why would they keep that quiet?

Anonymous said...

Would you still be posting this if you were a member?

Anonymous said...

So O Pechanga is attacking the integrity of the casino's Gaming Commission? One that is audited by both the N.I.G.C. and the state's California Gambling Control Commssion, all three of which audit and inspect the machines. As far as gas goes, tribal members get out of state tax. The non-indian and non tribal members get taxed still due to state law. I guess a union could jump in since the tribe itself can't completely destroy the Casino. Leave it to the outsiders huh.

Anonymous said...

They can't destroy it yet, but are on their way! Haha. I heard there's too much micro-management from the membership because their per-cap is dropping.

OPechanga said...

The Unions will come in after Obama is elected as he said he will sign Card Check.

Didn't the Gaming Commission allow Larry Miranda to continue to work after stealing from employees.

The NIGC/CGCC took, what, a year to tell Pechanga that the "bingo machines"that looked like slots, acted like slots... were SLOTS?

The question was weights and measures issue on gas tanks. Ralphs gets busted all the time by them.....

Anonymous said...

Go look on the wall outside of the high stakes room and look at the pictures of the"gaming commision"...aren't they all tribal members?...why would they decide against their own casino and cut themselves out of the money loop?...thats like the wolf guarding the hen house...a BIG joke!

Anonymous said...

And the other question about the gas is ...when they buy it do they have to pay State tax or do they pretend its all for "tribal" use and skip paying the tax that they collect at the pumps?

Luiseno said...

First off, you have to realize that not ALL tribal members are crooks. Only a very very small minority. Even though I have been dis enrolled, it pains me to see people make all kinds of accusations in a general way about the whole tribe.

I once believed that the error in our dis enrollment would be rectified, but no longer hold out hope for that to happen. I am sure that one day maybe in the distant future our family will be re enrolled (as it is obvious that our dis enrollment was in error). But please don't paint the whole tribe as crooks and thieves, just because a few bad apples have ruined it for so many.

Anonymous said...

O Pechanga,
As I understand, if your patient, people such as Larry hang themselves. Gas is like Cigarettes for other tribes. The purchase from the tribe is tax free, but the taxes charged to non-indians is paid to the state. Anybody can figure that out unless they want people to look bad. The Commissioners are held accountable to 2 other organizations. I read in newspapers, per their compact, if they were assisting in screwing the people AND the tribe, Pechanga would be shut down. Do your homework on these things. I did, and asked questions of people. I got the answers and found out some people are genuinely working to keep that property staight. Not everyone is an A-whole.

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Larry even do? I don't know. Enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Larry Miranda reportedly was skimming tips from Pechanga employees.

Interesting that I was talking to someone who knows Larry and this person told me that Larry said he was still working at Pechanga.

Is that true, was he reinstated or did Larry not want his aquaintance to know he had been fired?

I know his mother Jenny was trying to get him his job back. If is was guilty and he was reinstated, why is it that she has so much power to achieve this?

About the Pechanga gaming commission, yes there are honoroable people that sit on the commission but as far as the public perception is concerned, there should outside oversight as no other casinos allow the proprietor to be part of casino oversight.

For example, in the Nevada non Indian casinos do representatives of the casinos have anything to do with oversight of their casinos?

I believe the answer to this is no so why do Indian gaming commssioners who get a share of the casino profits have anything to do with oversight?

This is conflict of interest even if the folks on the commission are honest.

Unknown said...

Played 3hrs...lost 400$..only saw 1 drink hostess..., 400$ for 1 coke..smokin deal

Anonymous said...

the place is a rip off