Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Change in Poverty, Unemployment in CA Tribes; Pechanga ADDS to both

Tribal Gaming is good for a few, but did not help most Native Americans in California. Pechanga has massacred more Indians in the Temecula area in the last five years than the white man had the previous 150 years! Pechanga hired an expert to PROVE that some were not members and he proved they WERE, yet the tribe still accomplished its goal to remove them, evidence be damned.

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Malcolm Maclachlan at Capitol Weekly reports that poverty and unemployment among California Indian tribes remains unchanged years after the people of California authorized Indian Gaming based on the promises of people like Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro told us that gaming would lift all out of poverty.

The BIA released the new data with an interesting caveat: They’re looking for help in improving their own numbers. The BIA says reporting from some tribes across the country has been spotty — an opinion echoed by some who work with tribes — and they are creating a training program to help make sure that tribes report accurate data.

Their 2005 numbers, the latest available, came out on Sept. 16. They appear to show a California Indian population whose circumstances haven’t changed much in recent years. For 2005, the BIA lists 106 federally recognized tribes in California. The figures show about 38,000 adults “available” to work, but an unemployment rate of 47 percent. Of those people who are working, 29 percent were still under the federal poverty line.

For instance, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is now teaching children the native Luiseno language. OP: Those children that are left in the school, after the tribe physically removed the children of those that they terminated.
But she also noted major differences between gaming and non-gaming tribes.

“In a government budget, $1.1 million is nothing if you need to provide roads and infrastructure,” Jensen said. “$1.1 million barely buys you a quarter mile of road.”
Harvey also noted that the BIA survey list is confined to enrolled members of federally recognized tribes probably encompasses less than half of the people in California who consider themselves Indians

Viejas showed 68 percent unemployment, which the Pala Band came in at 62 percent. Pechanga reported a 91 percent unemployment rate. OP: Here's WHY.

MONEY QUOTE: Some of the reported membership figures are also likely to change in coming reports due to the trend of tribal disenrollments. The Picayune Rancheria Chukchansi Indians reported having 1,234 members in 2003 but only 1,173 two years later. At a June tribal meeting last year, the tribe reported having only 691 members. Many others have been disenrolled—told they are not eligible to be members of the tribe. The Pechanga Band reported having 1,372 members in every report in both 1999 to 2005, yet has disenrolled dozens of members OP: Uh, Malcolm, make that HUNDREDS!since then.

Many tribes say they have disenrolled members who did not have legitimate claims to be members, but many of the disenrolled proved they were kicked out so the casino profits would be cut into fewer slices.

OP: And yet, local governments and the ACLU and NAACP continue to avoid dealing with the violations of civil and human rights that the tribes have perpetrated on their own people. Democratic Chairman HOWARD DEAN even glorifies some of those that have abused their own. Kicking elders to the curb must be a requirement for Democrats?

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stand your ground said...

Unemployment is really high at
Pala,Viejas,Picayune and Pechanga.
I am shocked at this news!!!!
The rich Casino Tribes members can not find work!!!
I am very upset over this, i will have to live with my guilt of having to work and actually having a job.
May i make a suggestion here?
Stop paying per Cap and you will see just how fast they will be out there looking for work,
if you get money handed to you for doing nothing, why would you work for it.
The BIA'S report is so far off on this.
Useless information reported by a useless agency.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's natural for people to not want to work when they've hit it big.

It's sad that people who stabbed their own neighbors and friends and family in the throat to get there though.

And to layoff so many workers while they live in tha lap of luxury is another thing.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to work, that's what per capita is for.

wiaasal said...

What happened to elected officials donating their time???

Ironic during election time, we as native people have elected officials collecting huge salaries, using endless credit and flying in private jets.

I do not understand how we can lay people off, terminate people from their heritage and still collect a salary.

A real leader would stand up and say enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

As a ex-pechanga-gambler all I can hope munoaboy is that the economy cuts the hell out of the per capita..what a bunch of greedy creeps!!

just do it said...

Welcome back munoaboy
what you been doing with your time
and money lately
helping out with charity? or?
sitting on your arse, getting high
enjoing life?
I can tell by your writing that you still have not wised up and learned the truth.
Eventually it will all end
nothing is forever there will be judgement, especially for those who live a useless live.
You better get busy.

Anonymous said...

I think the economic hardship that Pechanga has placed on its employees should be addressed. They helped build the business at the casino and to have 700 moved out is terrible.

I understand the business aspect, but Riverside County should know how bad this is. And now, with the violent offenders still loose? I haven't heard of a capture, does it make much sense to be anywhere near Pechanga?

Is the tribe cracking down on weapons?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone expect respect when the sort of behavior and communication is heard here from some of the current tribal members such as munoaboy who boast they need not work and contribute to Indian systems that have been established to aid American Indians or to our American society as a whole?
I am made less perplexed as to why the American soil was raped from their control in the first place. Their hearts are lazy, greedy, deceived by evil. It can happen again! Be sure of one proven principle, we reap what we sow. I see destruction being sown. Anyone who does not work or contribute to his society will grow spiritually and emotionally void; empty cavities that will self destruct.
If the Indian tribes were contributing to themselves and to society as a whole the problems presented in the article would not exist! The American Indian nations could be a shining example of how American wealth could help solve problems of poverty and unemployment. Instead, the tribes have stooped to the lowest denominator and are slaves to the money without regard to brothers or neighbors!

Anonymous said...

I am very embarassed to be a munoa, not that im in the tribe, still in the never ending moratorium, munoaboy get a job, and an education, you little wimp freeloader!

Anonymous said...

Pechanga has already eliminated 800

Any more cuts coming?

Anonymous said...

I hear they are going to get a huge 40% cut in their checks each month.....thats gotta hurt!..if they are getting 30,000 a month they will each lose 12,000 a month...anybody heard that yet?.
they will probably be kicking more peole out!!