Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quechans Say Their President Breaking Tribal Law

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Former Quechan tribal councilmen and current tribe members say tribal President Mike Jackson is denying access to public documentation on a proposed new casino.
They say repeated requests for public information meetings have been ignored by Jackson and the current council. Tribal elders Preston Arrow-Weed, Priscilla Prettybird and Vernon Smith and tribal members Valerie Jose-O'Brien and Yolanda Escalanti say Jackson and the council have disallowed viewing of financial documents linked to the bonds and financing for a proposed casino resort off Interstate 8 and Algodones Road.
Under tribal law, they say, any financial transactions or dealings must be documented and available to tribal members during normal business hours Monday through Friday

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Anonymous said...

I just hope that these people don't get disenrolled for being critical of their current council's handling of the proposed casino project because it has happened elsewhere.

Enterprise Rancheria comes to mind in which members of that tribal council found some irregularities with the handling of funds.

The people who found the problems attempted to recall their tribal council but everyone who signed the recall petition ended up being disenrolled.

A trevesty of justice that still hasn't been made right.

Sovereignty can be a wall for wrongdoers to hide behind.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga tried to keep the Quechan people poor by opposing their compact with Schwarzenegger.

What did the Quechan's ever do to Pechanga?

Anonymous said...

As I said on another thread, if Pechanga thought another tribe was making bigger concessions to the state than Pechanga had in its own compact, Pechanga would oppose that other tribe's compact.

Because Pechanga felt the state may try to hold them the stricker standards of the other tribe's compact.