Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pechanga Sinking in the Quagmire of Bad Business Moves?

Over at Teetilawuncha Blog, they report that the word is that Pechanga will be decreasing their per capita payments.

There is strong rumor that tribal Per-cap payments are decreasing over the next few months. $5,000 is the number I've heard. Up to $10,000 by the New Year.

While it's hard not to take some satisfaction in the loss of Pechanga's business, it's also a bit of karma for the damage that the Pechanga Tribal Council has wreaked on 25% of it's tribe and hundreds caught in its illegal moratorium. Are their MORE layoffs on the way?

PLEASE continue to show your outrage at Pechanga's bad acts by not patronizing their casino, nor the new golf course that is on land that Mark Macarro PROMISED would not be developed. And, take a look at Teetilawuncha Blog....and talk about it.


Anonymous said...

Hoisted on their own petard

Anonymous said...

Not much action on that other blog.

Hope there are no more layoffs.