Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Day, ANOTHER member of Pechanga Crime Family ARRESTED

Yes, readers, another member of the MASIEL crime family has been arrested for a violent offense. We reported on Benjamin Masiel, Pechanga's $360,000 per year carjacker HERE and Junior Basquez HERE and Larry Miranda HERE but now, we have Robert Masiel, with a long history of offensives, listed below who shoots at 4 people over a $200 debt.

Now, remember that Pechanga tribal members are making about $360,000 per year, since they violated their own constitution by eliminating 25% of their tribe. By terminating 400 employees a couple of months ago, that we wrote about HERE, they were able to keep per capita high.

A 42-year-old man who allegedly fired two shots into a group of four people – one of whom was 14 years old – in San Jacinto was behind bars Thursday in lieu of $1 million bail, awaiting arraignment on an attempted murder charge.
Robert Martin Masiel, who lives on the Soboba Indian Reservation, was arrested Wednesday in the 43000 block of Benjamin Street by sheriff's deputies who served a search warrant and recovered numerous firearms, according to the sheriff's department.
Masiel, a Pechanga tribal member who has a home on the Soboba Indian Reservation, was staying at the Valley Vista address, sheriff's Detective Steven Fredericks said.
He's got an extensive criminal history,” he added. OP: Uh, YEAH, see the list of violations BELOW

Masiel is suspected of firing a 9mm pistol at four people in the backyard of a home at 379 Main St. in San Jacinto about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the sheriff's department.
“It looks like he was angry over a debt,” Fredericks said.
Rudy Saucedo, who said he has known Masiel for 20 years, told sheriff's deputies that Masiel fired the shots, according to a declaration in support of an arrest warrant filed by Fredericks.
Saucedo said he owed Masiel $200 from two years ago, Fredericks wrote in court papers.

Now, readers, Masiel has made roughly $650,000 in the past two years, since his family led the charge to eliminate 25% of the tribe. And he shoots at 4 people for $200. I guess he's standing up for principal?

IS the Pechanga Casino SAFE?

VC 2800.2
VC 2800.2
HS 11377(A)
PC 12021(A)(1)
PC 664/187(A)
PC 148(A)(1)
VC 14601.2(A)
BP 4140
VC 22349B
VC 22349B
VC M23152(A)
PC 187(A)
PC 187(A)


Anonymous said...

This is a travesty. The tribal council removed over 300 peaceful people and kept THIS family?

Luiseno said...

How can they live on the Soboba Indian Reservation and still be a member of Pechanga (or atleast more deserving of membership than others who have not only lived on the Pechanga Reservation, but also have land allotments on the Pechanga Reservation) ?

OPechanga said...

There is NO requirement that you live on the reservation to be a member. And besides, their uncle TONNIE BASQUEZ is a Soboba member. How the Basquez can be Soboba AND Pechanga is a different story.

Anonymous said...

again the council has proven their stupidity

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a connection between the Basquez/Masiels and Soboba.

So are they Soboba or are they Pechanga?

It wouldn't surprise me in the least that the "bad apples" from the Soboba tribe and the notorious Basquz/Masiels are all blood relatives.

Could be that this one family is causing the majority of the problems at both reservations.

Isn't Pechanga proud of the people they keep in the tribe instead of the hundreds of law abiding people they kicked out?

Have any of the murderers, sex offenders, car jackers, other violent offenders, or thieves been disenrolled?

Answer: NO!

just do it said...

Another apple that didn't fall far from the family tree.
Ruth Masiel are you proud of your self destructing family members?
Pechanga Tribe are you proud to be associated with this criminal clan?

Anonymous said...

Their uncle, TONY, not TONNIE, is not a member of Soboba, he lives there because he was married for a very long time to a Soboba member. All Indians know that you can have ties to many different reservations. Seems to me like people like to spout out assumptions without having all the facts.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone heard anything new about the other charges the Masiel/Miranda family are facing?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Benjamin Masiel, the violent car jacker has been caught.

That puts those on the rez at risk doesn't it?

Who's hiding him?

Anonymous said...

One of the OTHER Crime family members must be hiding him, or helping him avoid capture.

Anonymous said...

just so all you "concerned" members , the terrible , awful masiel jr, has been caught.. and funny thing is , he is not been charged with car jacking!! maybe thats because HE DID NOT CAR JACK ANYONE!!! so if you don't have the black and white then maybe you should mind your own.....

Nor Cal Blogger said...

Thats funny, he didn't car jack anyone, but the gun charges and firing into a crown of people, thats kool right? Just wondering.

More moral Cal Tribes sit back and watch this so cal crime spree in total shame and disbelief.

Anonymous said...

how come pechanga lets pala tribal members live on their reservation? and work for pechanga?

Unknown said...

That's one less problem roaming around. Still, it's nowhere near enough for any security companies Bristol to go out of business.