Monday, January 9, 2017

Report:BIA Director Amy Dutschke's CONFLICT OF INTEREST Wilton Rancheria DOES NOT QUALIFY for Restored Lands Exemption and Thus, NO Casino in Elk Grove

The group Stand Up for CA and some disenrolled members of HRVMI (Historical River Valley Miwok Indians) have some bad news for the Wilton Rancheria.  They don't qualify for land into trust.

GUESS WHOSE tentacles are in this issue?  If you say...AMY DUTSCHKE, you'd be right.  First and foremost, as a result of this research, we are able to document that Regional Director Dutschke has multiple family relatives in the membership of the Wilton Rancheria. These family relations raise a clear conflict of interest.

Based on news stories at the time .....

Stand Up requested that Regional Director Dutschke recuse herself for this reason from supervising BIA’s  processing and consideration of the Rancheria’s fee-to-trust and casino project by comment letter dated January 6, 2014. Regional Director Dutschke has not done so, and, even after a review of the “applicable documents in the record”

BIA Director

Here is a genealogical report that details the issues.  I've linked to it, as it's a large report you can read it at my SCRIBD page

Even assuming that the BIA has the requisite statutory authority to take land into trust for the benefit of the Rancheria—and that the Rancheria is a valid “restored” Indian tribe eligible for gaming under IGRA—the historical
record establishes that the Elk Grove site does not qualify for gaming as restored lands  Pursuant to 25 C.F.R. 292.12, the Rancheria must demonstrate a “significant historical connection” to the land, meaning the land is “located within the boundaries of the tribe’s last reservation under aratified or unratified treaty,” or the tribe can “demonstrate by historical documentation the
existence of the tribe’s villages, burial grounds, occupancy or subsistence use in the vicinity of the land.”

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