Monday, October 17, 2016

BIA Will NOT Recognize Nooksack Council Actions After March 2016, which is NOT Constitutional

BOOM!  OUTSTANDING news from ...the BIA

BIA finds a backbone.  In this communique to the Nooksack Council and attorneys, apparently, operating without a QUORUM is a no-no to the BIA, especially when it VIOLATES the Tribe's constitution.  Which needs FIVE members for a quorum.  FOLLOW the Nooksack 306 FB page for updates.

Nooksack Clown Council seems to have reached the end of the BIA's rope. Unconstitutional actions (tribal constitution) WILL NOT BE honored, in a government to government relationship.  Sovereignty is one thing, aiding and abetting unlawful behavior is another.

HEH:  Pechanga .net has the story...2 days later...

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