Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rep. RAUL RUIZ: Standing Rock Sioux Not Properly Consulted: Meanwhile Ruiz Supports Pechanga Tribe In Their THEFT of WATER

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP and you won't see it on the OTHER Pechanga news site:
After traveling to North Dakota to see how a proposed oil pipeline might affect a local Sioux tribe, Rep. Raul Ruiz Rep. (D-Palm Desert) is asking for a congressional hearing to determine whether the Standing Rock Sioux were properly consulted before the Army Corps of Engineers approved permits for the project.

Meanwhile, back in his HOME STATE, Rep. Raul Ruiz is on board to support the THEFT of water rights to reservation allottees of the Temecula Indian Reservation.  He seems to conveniently forget  that the trust responsibility of the U.S. Government to INDIANS isn't just to the chiefs and chairmen.  It's to ALL native Americans. 

Pechanga Tribe needs WATER for 
Swimming Pools, not reservations allottees

HUNDREDS of Native Americans will have their water rights stolen if the Pechanga Water Rights Bill HR 5984 Passes.  We've been fighting for 6 years to be heard, to be consulted, to be recognized.  Either Rep. Ruiz is incompetent, or turning a blind eye.   I'm betting on the

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