Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mark Macarro was Misleading on Prop. 48, watch him get caught in ANOTHER LIE in Interview

I just moved a previous post about Mark Macarro of Pechanga's misleading ad for NO on Prop 48 here in CA forward.  Watch this video, where he was caught lying in 16 seconds about the disenrollments of his own people.  One that also involves VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT.

This details the disenrollment of Pechanga members in 2006.  The Paulina Hunter descendents, which was the second family to be terminated from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.  Please listen to THEIR expert Dr John Johnson speak. WE DID NOT HIRE to review our family's Dr. Johnson, the foremost expert on California Indians PECHANGA DID. They used him to determine other families too.

Why did they not believe their OWN expert? Because he didn't come to the conclusion they wanted.  They accepted hearsay evidence versus the historical record of their own tribe. The preponderance of the evidence says that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga.   If Pechanga will CHEAT IT'S own people, won't they cheat YOU?

SADLY, Lawrence Madariaga, Hunter Family Elder, has passed away. This happened because Frances Miranda, Ihrene Scearce and Ruth Masiel disregarded their experts report, and believed a CHILD MOLESTER instead.  It's a disgrace and an action worthy of your scorn.

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