Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pechanga Could Require Allottees to Wear YELLOW STAR to designate Status

Nazis forced Jews to wear Yellow Stars

UPDATE II: We think this story from 2012 is coming more TRUE every day, now with Reservation allottees being forced to give up their mailboxes.
UPDATE:    We posted the story below in February 2012 and now word is coming from the Pechanga Reservation in Temecula that an effort is being forwarded to keep any disenrolled tribal member from using the reservation facilities.    The story is developing but it sounds like the Masiel Basquez crime family is at it again.    Currently a number of Hunters, descendants of Original Pechanga allottee, Paulina Hunter, live on the reservation, some all their lives.    

The Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians, led by Democratic Party operatives  Mark Macarro and Andrew Masiel are well known civil and human rights abusers.  
Will Pechanga Force Allottees to Wear a Yellow Star or Sticker on their cars?

Oh, if only the question was too far-fetched to believe, since they have already stripped voting rights and elder care from 25% of their tribe.  The Nazis forced Jews to wear these stars on their clothing in an overt act of persecution. As we wrote about recently, the allottees on the reservation, who have had their land in the family since the beginning of the Temecula Indian Reservation, have now been threatened with trespassing charges. A yellow star would make it easy for tribal members like the Masiel-Basquez crime family to recognize them on sight.

The drinking fountains at the park will be one area where the tribe could have a sign saying: Tribal Members Only, No Temecula Indians Allowed.

They say that allottee may be excluded from their land if they are on the land of a tribal member, yet, Chairman Macarro's jackbooted Tribal Rangers trespassed on allottee's land to deliver the message. Yep, right to the front doors. And since a sexual predator is in charge of dispatching Rangers and is a member of the tribal motorcycle "club", wouldn't you be worried?

Remember, some Moratorium People have already been excluded from their own land....

Since the casino is on tribal property, any visitor could be charged with trespassing ..for any reason. Including not being the "right kind" of Indian...


Anonymous said...

This is a joke ( I thought you were already putting those on your car)?

White Buffalo said...

This is just one more thing that pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

Its a joke that a group of non -temecula indians can take over the tribe ( and it not be criminal)

Anonymous said...

Illegal termination of federally recognized tribal members is a concern for ALL Indian country.