Monday, November 3, 2014

Voting Rights STRIPPED from Native their OWN TRIBES via Tribal Disenrollment

As we all are excited about how election day tomorrow is going to turn out, with a chance that our Senate will turn from Democratic Party control, where bill have done to die, we must remind ourselves that many Native American voters have lost their right to vote.

No, not by the despicable actions of New Mexico, refusing Voter ID's to so called Navajo "illiterates" but by Native American Tribes that have stripped the voting rights from their own tribespeople via tribal disenrollment

Tribes are asking Natives to vote in this election, yet studiously ignore the facts that many Natives can't vote in their OWN tribal elections.   In my tribe, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, they have stripped the voting rights of 25% of their own tribe, in order to allow the council to control the power and money.  And Mark Mark Macarro, leader of the tribe and husband to a short-lister for Hillary Clinton's Native American issues,  once tried to keep Californians from voting? on an expanded gaming proposition.

Pala has stripped the voting rights of 15% of their tribe. At Chukchansi, recently in the news for having their casino closed, they've stripped 60% of their tribal people of the right to vote.

Anyone wonder why the BIA, Interior, Department of Justice hasn't looked into the stripping of Native American Voting Rights?


Anonymous said...

Because they protect sovereignty of other governments unless you are China, North Korea, South Africa or any other country that violates civil rights or commit criminal act against it citizen's. Ask senators like Barbra Boxer or congress persons like Darrell Issa.

Anonymous said...

Money being sent out to support Bad Actor clubs inside and outside the bands.

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