Thursday, November 13, 2014

Democrats Looks to Put FAKE CHEROKEE Elizabeth Warren in a Leadership Role

Yes, first, the architect of Obamacare comes out and claims that American voters are stupid, then the Democrats double down on that by looking for a leadership role for noted fake Cherokee Elizabeth Warren.

Political blog Hot Air has the details:

Senate Democrats want to enlist a progressive firebrand as a member of their leadership: Elizabeth Warren.

The incoming Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, is engaged in private talks with the Massachusetts freshman to create a special leadership post for the former Harvard professor, according to several people familiar with the matter. It’s unclear exactly what the new job would entail — but luring the populist liberal into leadership could inject fresh blood into a team reeling from significant midterm election losses.

The noted Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes, who has done yeoman's work on her blog Thoughts From Polly's Granddaughter had this to say about Warren:
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest she actually had a Cherokee or American Indian ancestor. Despite repeated requests for her to release her personnel records from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School, she refuses to do so.

Click here for FULL information on Elizabeth Warren's Ancestry


Anonymous said...

I am going to make a comment here because I can't stand hearing about Elizabeth anymore. First off I am part Cherokee, and my family is from Oklahoma. I have many cousins enrolled with the Cherokee there is Oklahoma. They "Can Not Stand Twila Barnes" she is mean, and racist even to many of her own people. Elizabeth Warren family IS what most Cherokee from Oklahoma look like. Most are of mixed blood, and just for Twila's knowledge, not everyone was enrolled like she states on her pollysgrandmothers website. That is bullcrap in the fullest! There is nothing special about being Cherokee, as my very old aunt Lola who is enrolled, and in her nineties states. When she was little her mother enrolled all of her siblings, but the great Cherokee Nation called her and her sister "TOO LATES" for any Indian Land. She showed me her very old letter from 1918. My great grandfather also dealt with Tribal Fraud, only back then it involved over ten thousand Indians from several different tribes in Oklahoma. They also mostly WERE NOT ENROLLED BECAUSE OF TAMS BIXBY AND THE DAWES COMMISSION...EVEN FULL BLOODS WERE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ENROLLED! Twila is full of herself. Yes Elizabeth "should not" have given a recipe for the Cherokee cookbook...yes that was crap. But to say that one cannot say they are Indian is BS, and I know many people they are, and they had their great grandparents mark WHITE on the Census records, or you would pay higher taxes...and yes you would Twila! don't even say you would not. My great grandfather who lived on the Chickasaw REZ had to pay way more for land than any white man back in the 1920's because HE WAS INDIAN. White man got the land cheaper at Land Auctions and Indians that wanted land because not all received land, had to pay 3 times as much for than Whites did for it! Most everyone in Oklahoma is of mixed blood. Very few can even say they are Full blood anymore or even speak some of their language...maybe a few words!. I have seen Twila's herself saying she has many, many white bloodlines. It is on the internet, so you can see for yourself. I do not vote for elections, so I am not with any party.....but I am sick of Twila's going on about Elizabeth Warren.....get a life Twila....Elizabeth is what most people who had family from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri of mixed blood look like today!. And PLEASE DO NOT say that you cannot say you are Cherokee if your great grandparents on parents marked as White on documents so long ago....yes you can! EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED WITH THE TRIBE. If you are part Black, you can mark Black, if you are part Mexican, you can mark Mexican! There is NO LAW THAT SAYS OTHER WISE! and you DO NOT HAVE TO BE ENROLLED WITH A TRIBE to mark down what Race of People you came from. Twila Barnes GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
You go Elizabeth!!!!!!

Several years ago Indian County Today Newspaper, and other Native Owned Newspapers, including TV Ads begged Indians to COME OUT AND BE COUNTED FOR THE 2010 Census that you are of Indian descent, EVEN IF NOT ENROLLED!. Millions came out and did get counted. The ones that marked Cherokee were into the millions!!!!! we are all over this land and we are not going anywhere TWILA!!!!! Which one of us would you like to harass now SWEETIE!!! Get a life, you have grandchildren concentrate on them!!!!! The Creator will not bless you, if you do not stop your anger!

OPechanga said...

Thank you for leaving this comment disparaging a noted Cherokee genealogist and for doing it anonymously.

You show great courage and warrior spirit, and I'm sure you will convert many to your side.

White Buffalo said...

You know I have to agree with the poster about judging someone. You do not like it when you hear that maybe you do not belong and Pechanga is right. I know you will say that you have all of this evidence to back up what you say and she has none. Well you still do not know what her real history is. I know we can prove what we claim, but it does not a bit of good because we are still on the outside looking in. It sucks that people can be so mean spirited. I hate to see articles that are so mean spirited. Yea I know it is your site, but you sometimes act like you are better than some of us. In my opinion that is not the Indian way.

Anonymous said...

If Elizabeth Warren is going to use her Native American blood to get privileges and grants and to get people to vote for her then by all means she should have to prove it, the benefits she is receiving are meant for Native Americans who need to use them. These privileges come from taxpayers in the first place and if my taxes are going to be used for that then I want them to be used for those who really need it and can prove they are native. I have to prove mine.

Anonymous said...

When you apply for a job, or even if you have worked at a company for the Gov., you can change your ethnic identity when you want to. Anyone has the right to post on their records what race they come from. There are millions of people working in Gov. jobs that mark Native American, but are not enrolled with a Tribe, because they do not qualify. There are no laws that I know of that say other wise. Records from School, Medical, etc. ask for your racial background, and it is up to the person to state what they know. Only when you go to an Indian Clinic thru IHS do you have to prove this, or buying a house thru a Native American Home Loan do you have to prove this. If you get benefits that are only for Natives you have to prove also. Just saying...