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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chukchansi 'Leader" Gets Taste of His OWN Medicine, Roughed up IN JAIL

Chukchansi tribal leader Tex McDonald was injured in a fight in the Madera County jail over the weekend, his lawyer confirmed Tuesday.
Jeff Reich, who represents McDonald, 64, in the criminal case stemming from the raid last month of the tribal gaming office at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino, said his client may have suffered a broken jaw. He also has a deep scratch on his neck from a makeshift weapon. He was not taken to a hospital, Reich said.
McDonald is in the Madera County Corrections facilty on $2.4 million bail, charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment. He is scheduled to be in court Wednesday in Madera with four other defendants, including Vernon King, a fellow member of one of the councils that claims leadership of the Coarsegold tribe. King serves as chairman.Nine others wanted in connection with the case are at large.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason is his gang tats. Those wouldn't be received well...,%20TEX%20&facility=

Anonymous said...

Reggie and his crew will be there soon.and the corrupted sheriff should have all them in protected them all they didn't do nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Tex's council was only trying to right wrongdoing by Reggie and his crew. They were trying to retrieve paperwork for the audit so Reggie and his crew couldn't destroy them or manipulate the books. The only ones that need to be punished is Reggie and the rest of the people still stealing from the tribe. Why is Reggie not in jail for embezzlement? Why are they still living in the casino? Why isn't anyone reporting that? Their day will come soon.

Anonymous said...

That sheriff is really corrupt. I bet Reggie paid him some of the millions of dollars he's stealing from the tribe.

Anonymous said...

Reggie and chance and anderson are corrupt their day will come but Tex fck that guy they shouldve shoved that knife in his ass if it wasnt for that gang bangin piece of shit of what he calls himself chukchansi we would all have our jobs.

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