Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LaDonna Harris, Civil Rights Activist to Screen Her Film at Apartheid Practicing, Civil Rights Abusing Pechanga Reservation

Irony of ironies:

A documentary highlighting the accomplishments of LaDonna Harris, an Indian Country social and civil rights activist, to be shown at Pechanga Reservation during the San Diego American Indian Film Festival.   
Comanched Member LaDonna Harris

Ms. Harris will also be on hand to answer questions after the screening of "LaDonna Harris: Indian 101".

I wonder how Ms. Harris feels having a movie about her life and work shown at a place where so many Indian people have been subjected to human and civil rights abuses?  These victims of oppression are very similar to those she fought for in her younger days.   Now, she can walk into Pechanga, dashing the hopes of Native Americans who have been harmed by their own tribes, that someone with her strong credentials, might stand up against the tyranny we face......we hope someone will champion our cause, it may not be LaDonna, unless she can be persuaded about the violations faced by Natives FROM Natives....

Many of these Indians-elders, children, friends and family- cannot even go to the screening of her movie for fear of retribution.  Some are outright banished and just this week, notifications went out to allottees of the reservation that their mailboxes are being confiscated for use by non resident tribal members.

Of those who do go, will anyone dare ask Ms. Harris what her position is regarding the epidemic of rights abuses that has infected Indian Country- particularly at Pechanga- and which have resulted in the disenrollment and Banishment of thousands?

More importantly, if asked, can Ms. Harris offer an honest answer to such a question and possibly insult her "host"?   Would she miss this opportunity to speak "truth to POWER?"

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Anonymous said...

In a way you can ask her your self. go to Americans for Indian opportunity and asker these question.

Anonymous said...

As an AIO alum, I don't believe Ms. Harris' presence at Pechanga is an affront to those who have been harmed by tribes. That is not who she is or how she operates. Her story deserves to be told, and it is a twist of fate that it is being aired at Pechanga. Such twists can bring about unexpected results. Hopefully her story will move others to work as she did to attack injustices wherever they may occur.

Anonymous said...

It's a good opportunity for those who aren't banished, or who have friends that can attend.
Maybe someone in the industry

Anonymous said...

Jay Leno just cancelled an appearance at a gun trade show in NEWTOWN CT.

MISTAKES get made he said....which is what Ms. Harris could say too. Weren't their events held elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Tweet " Vision maker media " with your pechanga story.

Anonymous said...

Excellent opportunity to address the issue. Also, reaching out to tribes that practice dishonoring the dead.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Mrs. Harris condone's dishonoring her ancestors as the Pechanga tribe dishonors ALL ancestors. By committing crimes against civil rights.

Anonymous said...

Please take a moment to pray for tribes who have lost their way. From what I understand, Pechanga tribal meetings and counsel meetings do not begin with prayers. No wonder they dishonor the ancestors. They do not ask for guidance over tribal matters. They think only of their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

Good point,..

White Buffalo said...

I know when we were members, we used to say a prayer at the beginning of every meeting.

Anonymous said...

The guidance @ Pechanga was created by our ancestors. However today it's the disrespectful actions and dishonor our ancestry and their descendants that speak louder than words. The bad actors and supports of their actions have to face the truth sooner or later. No matter what, the truth will always overcome lies and bad deeds. Our Ancestors went through lies and misinformation by outsiders, but they made it. Was it peaceful and respectful? No, but they stayed truthful and recorded the history and now we have to do the same. Protect the truth and recorded the bad actions from within the Bands who have lost the respect of "ALL".