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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chukchansi Police Chief Charges CORRUPTION Against Madera Sheriff

The Chukchansi tribal police chief who is a fugitive (ARMED & DANGEROUS?) for his involvement in last month’s raid at the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino says he is confident he is on firm legal ground — but that Madera County Sheriff John Anderson might not be.

John Oliveira said his security force retrieved a document that implicates Anderson in what he describes as public corruption.

Anderson said he was “really surprised” by Oliveira’s charge and has attempted to remain neutral throughout the factional fighting.

Oliveira, who also said he got the blessing of Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz before the Oct. 9 raid, said he will turn himself in to authorities in the coming days on the outstanding arrest warrant — which was authored by Keitz’s office. Oliveira said he is collecting evidence for his case and ensuring that his family is secure while he is away.

The father of seven said he expects to be slapped with a higher bail than the $800,000 amount now in place, so he doesn’t expect a quick release when he goes to jail.

Read the FULL STORY at the Fresno Bee


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fools.... Oliveria came into a situation he knew nothing about and tried to act like g.i. Joe. John should have arrested his sorry ass that night. Trust me if John was paid off by ANY side then we wouldn't be where we are.... I never saw John give it to any one. If anything he made it harder by floating in the middle but what was he supposed to do with a bunch of retards yell sovereign in his face

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Madera Sheriff is corrupt. How do you explain the Sheriff Dept. not intervening when Reggie and his people went in with guns and took over the penthouse floor? How do explain the Sheriff going in and shutting down the casino while allowing Reggie remained. It's obvious that he's in Reggie's pocket. Look how Reggie get away with so much while Anderson looks the other way. Anderson is dirty. I can see this and I'm just a bystander. I'll be curious to see if Reggie, Nancy and the rest get charged for not filing the audit.

fullblood slapa'ho said...

Even as a reader of this drama it appears from this outsider that the sheriff has something more do to with this rather than serving in his lawful capacity.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment sounds like
you are on Reggie and Chance side
you have no ideal. There are so
many facts are not mention here
and yes I feel they are all
corrupt and yes Anderson does
look away its seems he has one
person he looks at and that reggie
hey that big condo looks good
oh yeah he playing dumb. And hey
Reggie went in more secertly under
the radar he is just as bad as the rest and yes nothing was done about it and yes Reggie is so inocent. He is a big lier we will
see about soon lets see the truth
will come out And how reggie got in was a inside person we know who.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is not on reggie side neither am I, I don't like anderson personally bit his lack of action was due to his lack if understanding of sovereign. He was and is always told he has no jurisdiction. He did not make a move on reggie because reggie handled it differently. He did not put a gun to the GM'S head. The GM let him in. I am not taking any side here I don't agree with reggie going into the casino but from a legal standpoint he was allowed in where tex was not. I am not a supporter of tex either. Reggie also tried to sue anderson

fullblood slapa'ho said...

Throw tex and reggie both to the sodomites in Corcoran State Prison.

Anonymous said...

Why is Reggie allowed to stay in the casino? Why wasn't he thrown out. Guess he's in there covering up his mess. He's a thief and liar. He's still using tribal money to this day. How good his family lives while the Chukchasni people live like third world citizens. Anderson is corrupt. To the person above me. Anderson is in Reggie's pocket.