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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MASTERMIND of Chukchansi Casino Raid Surrenders to Authorities

John Oliveira, the tribal police chief who was the mastermind of the armed raid that led to the shutdown of Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino, turned himself in Wednesday morning.
Oliveira was among the men, including Tex McDonald, recently beaten in jail and Vernon King, at a hearing in Madera County Superior Court.
Oliveira was wanted on a $800,000 warrant. In an interview with The Bee last week, he said he would turn himself in at Wednesday’s hearing. His bail was set Wednesday at $1.25 million.
Before the hearing began, supporters of the men who raided Chukchansi gaming offices Oct. 9 rallied outside the courthouse.
Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz filed felony charges Oct. 31 against Oliveira and 14 others for their armed entry into the hotel and gaming commission offices. McDonald is the leader of one of the contentious factions of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians. At an arraignment last week, McDonald’s bail was set at $2.4 million and King’s at $1.75 million. The judge at Wednesday’s hearing ruled those bail levels would not be changed.

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Anonymous said...

So many are suffering cause of these people! Hard working honest tribal members and the employees are the ones paying for this crap. Why has this been allowed to go one for so long? Get your heads out of your a** make things right. Right for the tribe right for the employees right for your community.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Madera County,the judges, Sheriff Anderson, Reggie and his people are setting people up for a takedown. Reggie is greedy and Anderson is in his pocket. Reggie took over the casino and lived in it and nothing happened so why is a casino problem takeover a problem now. Reggie faction went in with guns and security team. Madera County is making money off of this and they're in Reggie's pocket and Reggie is stealing the money from the casino to pay them off.

Anonymous said...

All three factions need to step down and let a new council step up.

Anonymous said...

Hey chance wheres the fuckn money thought we were family. Guess not huh hope your wife is enjoying her new car and all those designer purses and clothes shes been wearing.