Thursday, November 6, 2014

BAD ACTOR PALA TRIBE will Open ONLINE Gambling Site in NJ.

A corrupt entity for a corrupt state?  Gov. Chris Christie looked at the dollar signs instead of the signs of what Pala did to their people?

A new online gambling site will open in New Jersey in the next couple of weeks, but it will not be PokerStars. On Wednesday, it was announced that Pala Interactive, LLC was issued a transactional waiver by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to operate under the license of the Borgata Casino & Spa.

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The Pala Band of Mission Indians operates Pala Interactive and will become the first Indian tribe to offer iGaming services in New Jersey. The site is expected to launch within two weeks.
Continuation of 2013 Approval

Wednesday's announcement was actually a year in the making. Last year, Pala was announced as a company approved for a transactional waiver as long as they came up with a casino partner. A partner was never named and iGaming launched in late November 2013 with the Pala on the outside looking in.

Pala's site will operate under Borgata's license but will operate separately from Borgata Poker and PartyPoker NJ. This means that they will not share player pools. Based on news from 2013, we do know that CAMS, LLC will provide age and identity verification for Pala Interactive. Also, geolocation services will be provided by GeoComply USA. It is unclear at this time whether they will offer solely casino gaming or if they will offer a poker room.


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Pala Chairman Robert Smith started Pala Interactive without the approval of the tribe. In fact the tribe doesn't even know that their name is being used because the Chairman didn't report it. Tribal funds were used for the venture, but the tribe's financial statement doesn't reflect the money that was used at all.

So you have a company that was funded by the tribe without their consent, formed in New Jersey without the tribe's knowledge, and conducting ongoing business using tribal funds that have been hidden from the general membership. The real intent is stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Pala Band of Mission Indians (PBMI) and NexGen/S3. Robert Smith has assigned the ownership of the tribe's share of software licensing and the venture to himself. The seats on the Board of Directors are held by the Pala Executive Committee.

The evidence of fraud, theft, conversion of assets, and violation of the NIGC contract is blatant. It's okay though. It is only Indians stealing from Indians. Happens all the time. The government doesn't want to interfere. After all, tribal members vote for their leaders and support them. They must want to have their money stolen from them.

The tribal officers claim sovereignty and the federal government plays hands off. The elections are rigged and the same crooks get elected all the time. Those crooks fix the laws or ignore them so they can pursue their lust for wealth and power. Anyone that gets in the way is threatened with disenrollment.

Corrupt tribal officers should note that the tide is turning. Blogs like this one are getting the word out. Can you say RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) investigations?

OPechanga said...

Have the FBI been notified?

Should be a simple matter and a BIG score for them...

White Buffalo said...

I have a question. Couldn't online gamboling be seen as off reservation gambling? Hell New Jersey is on the other side of the country. What a bunch of hypocrites. I am surprised Pechanga is not doing the same thing. I guess they are waiting to see if it works. Those people are smart and sneaky.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The FBI has been conducting an ongoing investigation of the Pala EC. The problem here is that stealing from the tribe is not a violation of Federal Law, so the FBI has no grounds for indictment. Also since I am no longer a tribal member my complaint would be ruled invalid since I am not an injured party and not entitled to legal remedy.

Pala Interactive is a joint venture and the MOU does not stipulate that the Pala Band of Mission Indians has done anything except purchased a share of interest in online gaming software. It remains to be seen if Robert Smith and the Pala EC will get away with this dirty deal. He told the General Council that the tribe does not have an online gaming company. He was telling the truth. The tribe invested over $100 million in the company but they have no interest in it; it is all for him.

Now that Pala Interactive is licensed for gaming and going live in New Jersey we shall see if there is any interest in making the Pala EC abide by tribal gaming laws and regulations. Pala Interactive may be a violation of the California State Gaming Compact, the IGRA, and the NIGC contract. If there is any revenue generated from gaming and it is not distributed to tribal members then it may also be a violation of the BIA Allocation Agreement.

It is not up to me to decide, but if it was my money that was being stolen I would do something about it. Think of this as a test case. If Pala gets away with it, then I am sure other tribes will join the corruption wagon. Tribal members keep your eyes and ears open. Stop your leaders from involving your tribe in a potential criminal action.

Pala Tribal Members are kept completely in the dark about the doings of their Executive Committee. They have been lied to and deceived so often that they are conditioned for it. They even support this EC and their evil agenda. There is plenty of blame to go around, and the stigma of shame hangs heavy on the hearts of our people.

Anonymous said...

The truth is blatant threats of disenrollment if you question why these bad actors are doing anything they think is OK. At Pechanga the Bad actors allowed disenrollment of over 25% of the enrolled members, and then threatened to do the same to anyone who questioned them for doing it. As time goes on, the younger generations will continue to see the truth, the lies will only travel as far as the Bad actors hold power. The creator has a lesson for "ALL" to learn and the truth will come out. The question is do you believe it's ok to lie to hold power? If you think so continue lying. If your heart and stomach have not been taken over by greed say the truth. That's why this blog is here. We share the truth.

White Buffalo said...

You know they are much more than bad actors, they are criminals, liars, cheats and defilers of our race/ethnicity. Call them what they are there is no need to be politically correct. Do you think they give a dame? Can you imagine how they have plotted and schemed for so many years to do what they did. Now they laugh and talk about the things they have done to use behind closed doors, and do you think the things they say and laugh about are nice like "bad actor". I have a question, are you afraid to just say what you feel because you might be sued? Well let them sue me, I do not own or have anything of value except my integrity and honor. I am just saying.

As for Pala, that was once the one tribe I looked to be the ethical example. It saddens me that even the best can be corrupted by the evils of easy wealth and power. Our ancestors would be ashamed of the actions of our tribes. They would be seen for what they are. Unclean and unworthy, yet our ancestors would not have given up. they would have sent them into the wilderness to find their way/path or something else. They would do this for the health of the tribe. What Pala, Pechanga, and these other tribes have done/ re doing is not for the health of anyone but themselves. It is shameful and disgusting.

fullblood slapa'ho said...

All smith is: is fat, miserable and wealthy. After his coronary the Pala people will be free.

Anonymous said...

Smith is a theif who uses tribal sovereignty to steal $$$$$$ from the people of Pala.He's a self serving criminal who needs to go away.He,nieto,perez have highly questionable blood lines.

PALAREZ said...

How are all there bloodlines questionable. Margirta Britain's father was unknown there is no proof it is Ortega so only her mothers blood can be counted. While we are at it Reyes "King" Freeman was born in San Luis Rey and his race on all of his children's birth certificates listed a white. While don't u question that?