Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pechanga Asking "Team Members" to VOTE NO on Prop.48. Don't want OTHER Indians to Benefit from GAMING.

I've received this a few times from sources at Pechanga.  The apartheid practicing Pechanga Tribe does NOT want the North Fork Rancheria to get an off reservation casino. 
Here's a missive that went out to PDC's 4500 employees.  Lots of laughable points here, such as the "promise" of casino operations limited to Indian laughs. (They promised to limit machines, then Pechanga broke that promise by putting more CLass II machines in)   Remember when Pechanga tried to keep Californians from voting on expanded gaming.
Wonder if the No on 48 buttons are being worn yet?

Dear Team Members,

As we receive our ballots to vote on November 4th, many of you have asked about Proposition 48. Since the voter information guide is a bit confusing, maybe even misleading, we want to be clear that Prop. 48 is bad for the vast majority of tribes and California. Thus, we ask you to vote NO on Prop. 48. 

Proposition 48 is not about Indian gaming, it is about a Las Vegas Casino corporation (Station Casinos) attempting an end-run in order to place a new Indian casino in an urban area - away from existing tribal lands. In doing so, Proposition 48 breaks the promise that Pechanga and other tribes made to the voters of California: that Indian gaming would be limited to Indian lands. 

Prop. 48 would also be unfair to the vast majority of tribes in California that have honored the promise of limiting gaming to existing Indian lands. If approved, Prop. 48 would open the door to an expansion of gaming into urban areas. 

This is why we respectfully ask that you vote NO on 48 and encourage your family and friends to also vote NO on 48.  
Please contact Jacob Mejia at Jmejia@removedemailaddy if you have any questions. Thank you.


Board of Directors 

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