Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is the Snoqualmie Tribal Council as Inept As The Obama Administration, or Just Corrupt

The BIA came looking to our blog yesterday, for information on the Snoqualmie Tribe's enrollment audit. It piqued my interest, so I asked my friend from Snoqualmie what it could be about, and here's that response:

Yes - our "illegal" tribal council is conducting their own enrollment audit. Our constitution calls for an annual meeting and elections every May. This last May they refused to hold the meeting and the elections because they said they had to do an "enrollment audit".

Of course, they will be the only ones to see the result and everyone is just expecting to get a form letter saying they have 30 days to contest each individual results - you will have to make an appointment, which everyone knows will be difficult to get.

It's just another way for those in power to stay in power another year or longer without elections - most of our council's terms have expired but the non-tribal administrator and their attorney's want to keep this "puppet" government in place for their own benefit - purely exploitation and fraud!

Isn't it interesting how the BIA is good at getting rid of Indians, but not at controlling the corruption?

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