Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gambling Addicts Aren't Smoking Addicts: SECOND HAND SMOKE IN TRIBAL CASINOS A Danger

Many commenters have complained about the smoke in casinos. Pechanga claims to have one of the most advanced air cleaners, but isn't it like having a NO PEEING section in the swimming pool?

Is second hand smoke only dangerous at non-tribal business entities?

San Diego Reader has the full article

Some casinos, such as Pechanga, boast about their air-circulation/ventilation systems. “Ventilation systems may improve odor, but do not remove the serious health risks caused by secondhand smoke exposure,” says Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights. “Casino workers even in a ‘well-ventilated’ casino have [metabolized nicotine] levels 300 percent to 600 percent higher than employees in other smoking workplaces during a work shift.”
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