Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UPDATE: Chukchansi Squabble over Seating New Council

There seems no end to the situation at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians. The new council members weren't seated. There was some commotion.

The story is developing. BOYCOTT Chukchansi Gold Casino... The Sierra Star News will have more.

UPDATE: Here is the story about what happened

got a call last night that their was lots of shouting, pushing, etc. at the PRCI tribal
meeting...apparently, the council was preventing Harrold Hammond from attending the meeting...his
daughter then called the council out on this and security let Harrold pass.

Reggie Lewis then attempted to read a statement in regard to the election, and was shouted down by
the general council majority, who were apparently ready to take on the Wyatt-Ramirez minority who
have pushed the disenrollment...he was shouted away, Morris-who also had been barred from the
meeting--was also allowed in by security then. the meeting culminated in the NEW council being
seated, and Morris being appointed as chair.
Reggie Lewis was removed from the meeting for illegally videotaping(a banning of video policy which he was responsible for writing, therefore violating his own policy) and council members Jennifer Standley and Chase

Alberta apparently retreated to a corner away from the council table for protection. plenty of yelling, and the
beginning of physicality prompted an election committee member placing another tribal member under
citizens arrest, the sheriff was called, and the member was removed by the sheriff who had arrived
on the scene.

it is my understanding that Nokomis Hernandez made quite an eloquent speech to the general council
in regard to our people...i was also told that the recent disenrollments and those awaiting results
from hearing the past weeks had been rescinded by the new council...the question is...will
the "new" council--which still consists of members now voting against the disenrollments and who
were responsible for the disenrollment of 500 Chukchansi people in 2006 and 200 in 2000--Dixie
Jackson, Morris Reid, Dora Jones, and harrold Hammond--bring ALL the people home to picayune where
they belong...

AND...the picayune tribal office has been shut down for a week...undoubtedly to cool things off and
prevent a takeover...

the Ramirez faction of the tribe is livid--they believe ONLY they (and not even the Wyatt's) are
picayune true tribal members...on the other hand, many of the general council are now calling for
Nancy Ayala's ouster next, as she was found responsible for and banished from the tribe several
years ago for the theft of the tribal records, property, bank accounts etc. along with another 10
members of the Wyatt Ramirez family years ago...the mystery is, WHY were the Wyatt Ramirez's ever
secretly returned to the tribe by a tribal council reversal years ago without input from Picayune
general council...

I say, bring the people--ALL THE PEOPLE--home to Picayune where we belong!!!
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