Tuesday, October 14, 2008

San Pascual Tribe MUST LOSE the right to Run Valley View

Tamra at NDN news links to the story of the San Pascual tribe that we've written on HERE HERE and HERE

An impasse that threatens the future of the San Pasqual Indian band's Valley View Casino continued yesterday despite efforts to bring warring factions together, the local head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs said.

The tribe's quarterly meeting drew about 200 members to a tent on the reservation in Valley Center, but competing sides couldn't resolve their differences, said James Fletcher, the bureau's Southern California superintendent. The meeting was the latest attempt to settle the issue of who represents the tribe's government, which consists of the tribe's adult members. A five-member executive committee has split, with each faction saying it is the legitimate government.

Fletcher recognizes neither one. “I asked them, one side or the other, to ask me to make a decision,” Fletcher said. He said he's still waiting for an answer.

Without a federally recognized tribal government, the tribe cannot operate businesses, including the casino, or receive federal grants, Fletcher said. OP: Then let's get it SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, Mr. Fletcher. Shut the Casino down NOW until the tribe complies. San Pascual members, DO WHAT IS RIGHT and JUST. Keep the tribe together before the Federal government CELEBRATES having LESS Indians to deal with.

Sunlight: James Fletcher is a member of the Pechanga Band of Mission Indian, who have eliminated 25% of the tribe via illegal and unconstitutional disenrollments. His own tribe is guilty of doing what he is accusing San Pascual of doing.
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