Wednesday, July 8, 2020

NCAI Avoids Disenrollment in "We're Here For You" Email

My joy seeing an email with this subject from NCAI:

replete with ARTWORK! 

Reeling with anticipatory glee, I scan the email for the words detailing how the National Congress of American Indians FINALLY stands up against Tribal Disenrollment.  Like Charley Brown waiting for the Great Pumpkin, it's not happening. Just like nothing's happened in the past decade. Nothing Nada Zilch

NCAI called out by Dr. David Wilkins in 2013
NCAI went after NBA bigotry, ignored Cherokee racism in 2014
NCAI ignored disenrollment in 2015
NCAI ignored disenrollment at their Marketplace event in 2017
NCAI ignored disenrollment in 2018
NCAI IGNORES 10,000 NATIVES Culturally Homeless via Disenrollment 2019

NCAI even got a representative from a disenrolling tribe!?  No wonder they ignore the issue.   Sovereignty?  Sure, but sovereignty, without accountability leads to abuses like disenrollment, elder abuse..

PLEASE NCAI...STAND up for over 10,000 Native Americans that have been harmed by ...NATIVES!

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