Thursday, July 2, 2020

CREEK NATION: Spotlight on Their RACISM Against Freedmen Descendants

Cherokee Warrior Woman Marilyn Vann has a piece up of the latest round of racism by the Creek Nation of Oklahoma.   Read the full article here at NATIVE KNOT
In the past weeks, Americans of various races and tribes have marched against racism as an aftermath of the murder of Mr. Floyd. I pray the Floyd family will receive justice in the courts of law.

But there are places within the United states in the year 2020 that blacks are openly denied the right to vote and hold elective office, to obtain jobs and contracts, and to obtain assistance from Federal funded health and housing programs based on their ancestry as descendants of African slaves and
their black skin color. One such place is the Oklahoma based Creek Nation.

The Creek nation treated with the Confederate states in 1861 largely to keep black chattel slavery permanent.
Article 2 of the 1866 treaty signed between the US government and the Creek nation ended slavery within the tribe and created permanent citizenship for the former slaves and their descendants; and gave these black citizens the right to share in the funds of the nation. After 1866,
the black freedmen and their descendants served as lighthorsemen (tribal police), tribal judges, tribal legislators (members of the house of kings and house of warriors), and were leading citizens of the tribe. The Creek nation as well as other tribes had no concept of “blood quantum” citizenship until this concept was brought in by the US government during the 1890s.

In 1979, the US government approved a new tribal Creek nation constitution

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