Wednesday, July 1, 2020

AIM So Cal's Statement On "Departure" From AIM NATIONAL

OFFICIAL STATEMENT from AIM So CAL on expulsion from AIM National

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AIM SoCal would like to confirm our departure from AIM (American Indian Movement) National, per actions taken by the Grand Governing Council.

We will continue to move forward as an autonomous chapter and are committed to upholding the core values of AIM, which are to foster the spiritual and cultural revival of native peoples in an effort to attain native sovereignty.

We will continue to advocate for indigenous self-determination, collect and deliver supplies for the Dinée and Zuni nations, demand the release of indigenous relatives from unlawful detention, and support stolen Black siblings on stolen land. We will continue to bring awareness to MMIWG2S.

We will continue our work supporting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. We will continue to work on the removal of racist statues, symbols and logos.

We will continue to dismantle systems of oppression through unity and cooperation, and AIM SoCal will not waiver from this goal.

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